[MOD] PSCO1's CockpitMod v1.33 for X3TC v3.1 (update: 13.09.2014)

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 6. Dec 16, 18:45

If you're using X3AP, files must be installed to the "addon" folder which is located in the X3 Terran Conflict Steam directory.
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Post by johnhirix » Tue, 6. Dec 16, 20:14

X2-Illuminatus wrote:If you're using X3AP, files must be installed to the "addon" folder which is located in the X3 Terran Conflict Steam directory.
Many Thanks! Now it works properly:)

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Post by Flic » Thu, 8. Jun 17, 15:01

I'm having trouble getting this to work. Am I right in thinking that I'll need to wait until it has been updated for 3.2?

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out. I initially put the files in /mods and then saw that for AP I should be putting them in /addons but I didn't realise it should be /addons/mods. All fixed.

Aryel Alcantara
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Cockpit texture bug

Post by Aryel Alcantara » Sat, 7. Apr 18, 05:04

Several ships are bugged in the numerical display of shield and hull

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Post by Anubitus » Sat, 7. Apr 18, 22:32

not realy a bug, its best to disable the numerical hull and shield values and just use the bar indicators instead.

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Post by Lymark » Thu, 10. May 18, 22:32

New player here with a question: I installed the mod with Plugin Manager and played just fine. However, my game crashes upon loading the game save after uninstalling the mod via the plugin manager. And I cannot play my save unless I use this mod now.

Any help?


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Re: [MOD] PSCO1's CockpitMod v1.33 for X3TC v3.1 (update: 13.09.2014)

Post by davidself1001 » Mon, 29. Oct 18, 18:57

Loaded the mod and tried to go back to original (using plugin manager) but when i go back to original i am seeing a partial image of the new cockpit instead of the original. Also, for some reason since i installed the mod my lasers won't fire anymore.

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Re: [MOD] PSCO1's CockpitMod v1.33 for X3TC v3.1 (update: 13.09.2014)

Post by Castor » Thu, 25. Jul 19, 03:19

On all cockpits, the original HUD elements can still be controlled if you hover your cursor over their original positions - for instance, the throttle gauge can still be used with a little guesswork. While hovering over it, you can see what its current setting is and even issue new settings that way by just clicking as you would in the vanilla game.

Some cockpits (namely Xenon) feature near-totally absent control HUDs (bar the above method of alternative control), and since the original HUD is hidden with this mod, it makes it difficult to fly these ships. You can't manage your flight speed quickly or efficiently without setting it to minimum or maximum, and the only way to see your target is to open up a monitor - this is justifiably irritating if you're dogfighting numerous fighters.

I've also found that at least one ship has no cockpit overlay at all (Terran Maccana), and while that doesn't render it unusable, it also means that you are stuck using the vanilla set up sans important heads-up display items.

I notice one of the much earlier comments on this mod suggested removing some HUD elements entirely as that particular user saw no point in having original HUD elements mixed with the model HUD elements, but as I've described, in practice this has been detrimental to some models. A better way to go with that suggestion would have been to provide an option somewhere along the lines - with or without original HUD elements, rather than one or the other.

I understand that this mod is unlikely to get any further updates, so this is more forewarning for new potential users. Otherwise, it does what it says on the tin. More immersive cockpits albeit degrading the overall usability of the game's in-flight UI here and there.

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Re: [MOD] PSCO1's CockpitMod v1.33 for X3TC v3.1 (update: 13.09.2014)

Post by Typharius » Thu, 23. Apr 20, 12:40

Did anyone notice/change the fact that the X3TC - No glass mod actually still has the glass? I really want to use this mod but that blue filter is horrible.

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