[MOD] X2 Ship Callback Mod V2 {V1.08} [4/6 3.1 compatible][Cockpit version added]

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Re: [MOD] X2 Ship Callback Mod V2 {V1.08} [4/6 3.1 compatible][Cockpit version added]

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sat, 16. May 20, 16:34

BullySan wrote:
Sat, 16. May 20, 16:03
thats ok. i try to finde a tut how to use plugin manager to extract ships from a mod. is there a tut for this?

@ illuminatus, what is the name from this tool in pluginmanager? there are so many:(
It should be the package creator, which is installed to the tools sub folder of the Plugin Manager directory. When creating a new package you should be able to choose between the option to import ships from VFS (i.e. the game installation + any mod via fake patch installation) or to import ships from a mod catalog.
killerog wrote:
Sat, 16. May 20, 09:54
And another 3 years since my last post, bloody time doing its thing.
That happens if you don't make any pauses while playing X games. ;) What did one of the old X games manual say again? For every hour you play, make a pause from 10 to 15 minutes. Anyway, good to see you're still around, even if only rarely. :)
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Re: [MOD] X2 Ship Callback Mod V2 {V1.08} [4/6 3.1 compatible][Cockpit version added]

Post by BullySan » Sat, 16. May 20, 16:48

okok a litle bid experimeting and it works :)

https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/765 ... reenshots/

the only thing....i open the the ship creator. Picked the ship from the mod. extrakte and saved. but after save prozes i got a error, x2 scene not saved...but the ship works.....can i ignore this?

btw...thy guys for your quick help and answers....i cant belive x4 sucked so hard against X3. dont wana play this game anymore aslong i got the fealing i play a noob game with many bugs. sorry for my bad words for X4 but if i was a egosoft, i will try to make a better game as befor and not one whos worster , easyser....graphic sucks missions sucks i dont understand this......

well, now i got my favorot titan ever and i can start to play my ecm mod:) ty guys

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