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Post by lubatomy » Thu, 28. Jul 11, 21:09

Found another thing i think is a bug that i have no clue on how to fix.

Terran M4 Sabre (the one you get when you start as terran defender) has the gun placements messed up.

four gun slots - 2 left and 2 right

top slot adds right side gun model and is one of the right side firing position

second slot adds the left side gun model but fires from the right side

third slot fires from left side but does not add a gun model

bottom slot fires from left side but also adds no model

Easiest way to see this. Start a new game as terran defender

as soon as you load into space point ship in a safe direction (away from stations and other ships), hit F2 and rotate view so you are look at underside of the ship.

You will see models of two guns (double barreled) under your ship. Fire your 2 weapons and notice only one side fires. move the second gun to third weapon slot (uninstall from bay 2 and install in bay 3) not that second gun model disappears (ships left side gun model).

Now fire guns again and you will see fire effects from both sides (one appearing in space where the end of the now missing gun model was)

anyone got any idea on how to fix that?

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Post by draffutt » Fri, 29. Jul 11, 00:50

There is an issue with the double barrel based model and it is a hardcoded issue so it cannot be fixed by us as far as I know. Ego is aware of it but more likely will not be fixed.
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Post by paulwheeler » Fri, 29. Jul 11, 00:57

This can be fixed with a bit of a bodge. Basically make the weapon model fixed and use invisible weapon dummies for the main guns instead. It means the guns are always visible, even if nothing is mounted, but at least you can't get a situation where there is no gun model at all. I have implimented this fix in the SRM and the XRM.

There is a similar issue on the Elite too. Basically the game can't handle two gun parts on one weapon dummy for the main guns. For the elites I have added two new weapon dummies.

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Post by LegaRoSS » Fri, 2. Sep 11, 18:29

The download link is briken. Can you download it on other host

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Post by killerog » Fri, 2. Sep 11, 18:35

If i remember correctly most if not all of these fixes were added in an Egosoft patch.

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