X3TC Bonus Pack - Script Submission Details

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Post by andrewas » Thu, 10. Jun 10, 14:15

By default, you can find the X3TC root folder in program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/x3 terran conflict. From there, its exactly the same as modding the retail version.

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Post by BarryScott » Thu, 10. Jun 10, 14:42

ta got it down fine =]

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Post by naza » Fri, 11. Jun 10, 07:20

i send files to email.

spaInfoBefore.rtf of installer4101-2
shield hacker-es.txt of shield hacker readme
turbo booster-es.txt of turbo booster readme

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Post by Lothai » Sun, 4. Jul 10, 23:14

hey guys i don't know if am out of topic but can someone tell me if this package is compatible with the Ketraar's "enable plots in custom start" mod?

I am asking this cause i play with ketraar's mod and i want to install it too..
with 2.7 version.

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Post by jlehtone » Sun, 4. Jul 10, 23:34

Lothai wrote:hey guys i don't know if am out of topic but ...
Yes you are. The released Bonuspack does have its own threads, including general discussion and questions. However, your question belongs to the thread of Ketraar's creation, as per [url=http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=216696][b]T[/b][b]C[/b] [b]S[/b]&M Posting [b]R[/b]ules[/url].

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Post by Lothai » Mon, 5. Jul 10, 09:40

ok friend really sorry about this but i didn't find anywhere else to post it... ok thanks :)

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Post by Twest09 » Tue, 24. Aug 10, 19:19

Ok, maybe I can get a clear answer on this. If I do I may just be motivated at this point to do it. My idea is a standalone script that has only one function. To manage the docking of player stations. What I mean by this is lets say you have an Equipment dock and there are 10 Strong Arms Weapon Dealers docked (these seem to be the worse with this problem) and for some reason they just won't leave the station... EVER, for some reason. What I want to happen is for the player to be able to force those ships to undock since they are serving no purpose, so you can open up you docks to your ships and active NPC traders.

Would something like this get signed?

So far in my games the only other option is to "erase" the affected dock//station and start over, this costs money and time and is completely unreasonable. The way I could see this working (not familiar with scripting at this point but I can learn anything very quickly when motivated, I've modded other games before myself) is to give them the "job" return home and if they are homeless (lol) then set them to follow a random ship of the same class.

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Post by K_urza » Mon, 27. Sep 10, 08:04


i have my X3TC on my steam account do you know how i add the bonus pack to it please?

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Post by apella » Sun, 16. Jan 11, 16:17

K_urza: just run the installer, and when it asks you where to install it, point it to the folder of your Steam installation.

(standard would be
C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\steamapps\common\x3 terran conflict
I believe, I have it installed at a different place. The final part (starting from Steam\steamapps\... is always the same though)

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Post by Retiredman » Thu, 17. Mar 11, 04:51

Need a ware or script that allows the same way OOS battles to happen as if you were IS.
Non of the scripts already made can not fully subsitute as you watch your ships fight from in sector.

Once you pass OOS and those ship suddenly don't have the ability to fight effectively.

Maybe a ware or object installed on the ships.
If your in one system, maybe you can monitor the map and have some sort of ware that links your ship with the battling wing or OOS ships. Your ships would then have the ability to fight like if your IS.
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Post by Cycrow » Thu, 17. Mar 11, 18:47

this is the wrong place to ask for script requests, this thread is about how to submit scripts for the bonus pack.

also, ur idea isn't really doable. As collision detection is disabled in OOS, making it work the same as IS simply wont work.

and its not something scripts have much control over either

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Post by Al Zheimer » Wed, 29. Feb 12, 04:21

Not really a question, just a comment on the whole "what constitutes a cheat" issue.

Imagine X3 was a multi-player game.
Imagine someone else installed a script / mod that you don't have.

Now ask yourself:

Does that script give him / her an unfair advantage against you (ex., the ability to travel faster than you can, to carry larger cargo than you can, etc.)? If so, the script is a "cheat".

Does the script merely make something more convenient (ex., save a few keypresses / mouse clicks, or display information in a more organised manner, etc.)? If so, it isn't a "cheat".

If a mod adds new content (ex., new ships, new types of cargo), then it becomes a matter of balance (does the new ship fit somewhere between two existing models, or is it objectively better in every way?).

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