[SHIP] Terran M6 Normandy v1.3 & New Game Start

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Post by Dreayslore » Mon, 2. Jul 12, 13:29

I don't know a thing about modding and just downloaded both of the files, followed the instructions inside. It did not work either way. Dont' know if it changes anything but my copy of the game was downloaded thru steam. Help please!

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Post by cmdShepard » Tue, 13. Nov 12, 22:59

First of all, sorry for digging out such a "old" thread, but since my question is related to this (GREAT) mod I didn't want to create a new topic :)

My problem is that it seems like some textures are missing :(
The color etc. is fine, but there's no "Normandy" / "SR1" writing on the ship...

I tried to install it manually and with X3Plugin manager,but I always end up with the same result...

PS: sorry if some sentences are weird, I'm German^^

Thanks :D


http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/70 ... rnion.jpg/

http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/20 ... ntqmc.jpg/

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Post by crusnik » Tue, 27. Nov 12, 23:30

so now, is normandy usable in AP or is not?
if it is, how?

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Post by Lortex87 » Sun, 7. Jul 13, 02:44

I don't know if anyone still monitors this thread, but can this ship be packaged as an .xsp file? I have tried both methods of install to no avail. There is a version of the Normandy in .xsp format in the library but it doesn't support commonwealth weapons, and I couldn't figure out how to get X3 Editor 2 to do anything I wanted it to do. Can anyone help, I would really love to add this ship to my universe>

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