[ALP]Imperial Laboratories 1.4 19/3/09

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Post by LV » Fri, 18. Mar 11, 22:17

i've been messing with this one, next version will have options to slow down IL invasions, and maybe a way of pushing them away for good (but there will be some brutal imperial code added if i decide to give this option)

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Post by mevko » Sun, 1. May 11, 13:43

Hi, not to be a pain in the a.. but where is the uninstall button that I read somewhere in this topic, I cant find it, and why is the script not showing in the plugin manager. I know I installed it an it works ingame but I staretd anew game and I really would like to build my fleet first before these guys start taking over. :D

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Post by Metachomp » Sun, 28. Aug 11, 16:52

I know that this post is old but idk where the help forum for this mod is. the link is probably in plain sight and i just didn't see it.

How do you stop Imperial Laboratories from colonizing sectors without removing them from the game?
I can't stop giving them money cause that improves my relations with them but i don't want them taking over other races sectors. Can someone help me? :?
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Post by paladin777888 » Tue, 26. Aug 14, 14:08

Can someone help me? ... Hm ....Yes Just collect fleet and Kill all of them. I'm seriously!!!
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Post by paladin777888 » Tue, 26. Aug 14, 14:27

Dear sir ! Can you make too things:
First. - compatibility with XRM ,please, please and very please!!! Because on page of XRM there is note:" XRM is NOT compatible with the following mods:Any mod that alters the base universe...."
But you made own sector "Imperial Laboratories"!!! Can you settle this moment for XRM ?
Second.-make version "double" ! Two in one bottle :) .one for close friendship and another for war. Imperial Laboratories-alfa and Imperial Laboratories-beta.But in the beginning both are neutral.
at present -good processors!!! :lol:
Hay LV. We are need your's Scripts. LV ,pease come back to us!!! X3- safe and sound!!! And long time will so!!!
I think untill appearance X4 :)

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