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Post by MegaBurn » Fri, 30. Apr 10, 11:56

Yeah, all that is a bit more than a minor tweak, and it definitely needs to be balanced. If I had to start from scratch I think I would take it in another direction.

Are there any issues with auto transferring cargo, including passengers, to the mothership? Seems like it would be a simple array comparison against the standard ship load out but I don't have much experience with X3 scripting.

What about using a token ware item for the dinghy? Remove the ware from the mothership at launch and add it to any player owned ship at "dinghy dock" (dock via dinghy hotkey, not regular docking). At least that way people would have to buy dinghies.

Not to hijack the thread, but the reason I suggest using token ware items and automatic cargo transfer is I'm thinking about a design concept for AGI Combat Drones, being able to deploy Deca and Xenon fighters as drones from 7 "containerized ship" ware items. Its kind of the logical fruition of the Terran plot to use "AGI sanitized" mass produced drone fighters and a canon compliant (and production balanced) take on LV's Automated Carrier Software. For the auto cargo transfer aspect, I want to add a dynamic load out system to equip drones at launch from stuff in the mothership cargo hold and auto strip drones at dock, would include a complex series of menus to create and assign load out profiles/variants (e.g. mk1, mk2, or role based like scout, interceptor, bomber, etc). At this point its just theoretical design, I plan on doing some prototyping after I get the rest of this massive script build sorted out, I'm actually more worried about seamless integration with CODEA, LSDC, SSDN, MARS (super goblins :twisted: ), and others. The core concept seems like it should work but, again, I don't have much experience with X3 scripting. Xenon/Deca fighters aren't ideal for a dinghy, could add another special containerized M5 that varies by the race of the mothership its launched from, or just use something blazing fast like an Arrow.

If that sounds appealing maybe I could help you expand this script then reuse some of that core logic for my AGI Combat Drone concept.

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