[Script] Property Baron v1.0 23/12/08 by Nividium

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Post by Beastro » Wed, 26. May 10, 09:22

Found it, thanks for the help!

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Post by Smart_Bomb » Mon, 22. Nov 10, 01:03

amurph0 wrote:How about the option to sell your station to the race that owns the sector?? and in the case of unknown/kha'ak/xenon sectors it would go to the owner of the closest friendly sector.

I also agree with Dgn Master, i think notoriety should have a roll in it.

Also the stations should be bought (and sold) at above average price, how much a station is worth should be dictated by the amount of money it makes.

With the ability to sell your stations along with prices based on it's profit, you could make a business out of buying/selling stations.

Also if it's possible to build stations OOS you could have a bunch of TL's actually doing something.

A mercenary/pirate script could make NPC stations compete and try to destroy each other, keeping numbers down.

What do ye people think???
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Property Baron

Post by unknown1000u2 » Sat, 11. Dec 10, 04:51

Interesting little side effect of this mod, don't know if it was intended or not. I bought both a cahuna factory and a solar power plant. I have never supplied a single resource to either one, but somebody is! They remain supplied even though I ignore them. Is it possible when you buy them you buy all the supporting transport ships to keep them supplied? I'm not complaining, mind you, but I really wasn't expecting someone to keep them supplied.

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Post by Nividium » Sat, 11. Dec 10, 05:36

@ Unknown1000u2

No, the purchase of a station does not include any transport ships with the deal. However, any computer controlled race ships that were dealing with the station might continue to do so if the prices were not changed. They would still have the destination on their list as a trading stop. There also is no special programming code in the script to auto fill the stations either. So, as long as there is money in the station's account, they will continue to buy at the price set for buying resources from ai ships etc.

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I cannot download it, would you send it to me ?

Post by black2906 » Sat, 25. Dec 10, 13:52

Cannot visit the Web site.

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Post by TrixX » Sat, 25. Dec 10, 14:50

Firstly there's an edit button for a reason.

Secondly read the rules and read around, you'll find a working link or mirror eventually.

Thirdly posting your email in a public forum isn't the cleverest idea...
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Re: Cannot download your scripts~~please help

Post by Nividium » Sat, 25. Dec 10, 17:24

black2906 wrote:deleted
It's not friggen deleted and the link works just fine. Instead of jumping to conclusions, try waiting a while and retry the link as servers do go down for maint. on occassion. Geez, some people's puppies.

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Can't find hotkey.

Post by dystic » Wed, 20. Jul 11, 11:14

I have literally searched everywhere and the area listed as "Extensions" does NOT have the hotkey for this. I can see the script installed but i cant run it... so where is the hotkey?

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Post by Mr_Blastman » Wed, 7. Sep 11, 04:02

Any way to get this to work for Reunion + X-Tended mod?

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Post by daadaa » Thu, 22. Dec 11, 01:54

@Nividium could you get this working on AP too? would be awesome!
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Post by Nividium » Thu, 22. Dec 11, 12:34

daadaa wrote:@Nividium could you get this working on AP too? would be awesome!
I don't own AP and it is doubtful that I will be buying it. Can't you just install the scripts into the AP folder/ scripts etc folders using the Plugin Manager?

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Post by colbigdog » Tue, 15. Oct 13, 01:13

Hey Nividium. Are you still around these days? If so, just wanted to see if you have any interest at all in revisiting this script and maybe adding some of the features others have requested to make it less OP and more realistic. The basic idea is awesome and very useful but it's way too OP.

For example, I am seriously wanting some IBLs for my M7s and I can, at present, jump right into a certain remote sector and instantly buy the two IBL stations there and viola! They are mine. This is not realistic and in my current game, I am intentionally at war with this particular faction anyway so there's no way they're going to sell me their stations. If I wasn't at war with them, the fact that IBLs are extremely rare in the game should be a major factor in the purchase price if the owners would even consider selling at all.

Don't take this the wrong way. The ability to peacefully acquire another race's station and preserve your hard-earned rep is very useful and as far as I can tell, your script is the only non-violent way to do so.

As others have previously posted, actual interaction with the owner (via message log would be fine), faction relations, location, profitability, and possibly even some random RP elements (the factory's been in the family for generations, etc...) would all turn this more or less cheat script into an awesome, game enhancing, feel-like-you-earned-it script.

Anyway, hope you're still around and playing X.

@ daadaa and anyone else that may be wondering, the script works fine in AP 3.1

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Post by CaptainRAVE » Fri, 20. Dec 13, 14:14

Brilliant idea for a script and works well in AP :)

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