[SCR] (24.08.09) Fleet Supply V2 [beta]

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Post by DaOpa » Fri, 17. Jul 09, 07:44


My english isn't the best so I'll try to repead what I understood.
1 .. You arn't able to start "supply dock" at a dock.
2 .. Ship as supply dock? What?

Answer: I check this, because if you have the command for supply dock at your dock, it must work. (I'll edit this post after checking the script)
If supply dock isn't activ, the settings wouldn't be used.

Thx for testing! I have not realy time for testing at the moment.


EDIT: Dock problem found and corrected! It was a simply typing error, which can happen by using the exscriptor :oops: Please download it again. Only copy the files again into your X-folder and it should work.

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Post by Senatorium » Fri, 17. Jul 09, 18:43

OK, I'll give it a shot tonight.

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Post by DaOpa » Mon, 20. Jul 09, 08:18


Now I've added the update-Scripts to update from older versions and removed 2-3 little Bugs.

To update from older versions:
- backup your save!
- copy the files from the update folder into your "scripts" folder. NOT setup.aaaaaaa ! It's for other Problems!
- start the game and wait till message -> than save
- remove all old scripts, but keep setup.fs.update in your scripts folder
- copy the new files -> load your save
- wait till message -> than save
- remove setup.fs.update and it should be done.


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Post by DaOpa » Thu, 23. Jul 09, 08:57


There was a little mistake with a big consequences. All who use V2b, please load the new file and follow the following instructions.

I've uploaded version 2b 230709 where the mistake is removed.

There are two ways to make it work, if it's no new game or first installation of this script.
-> easy way: open the SE -> select 'plugin.opa.fs.global' and start it global (r -> enter -> enter -> done)
-> second way: load the latest zip, copy it over the old files -> copy setup.aaaaaa fronm the update-folder into your scripts-folder -> load -> remove setup.aaaaaa from your scripts folder -> done

Should work. To see if it works, you only have to take a look into the SE and at 'global script tasks' you must find 'plugin.opa.fs.global'.


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Post by DaOpa » Fri, 24. Jul 09, 09:33

It seems that nobody use the script, or no one find more bugs as already reported.

I would only tell you that my holliday starts today. So I'm not able to ensure support for this time.


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Post by DaOpa » Thu, 27. Aug 09, 11:18


A few days ago I updated the Beta-version to the stand of 23.08.09. Some little Bugfixes are included and one new funktion.

First some details of the fixes:
- The CST's now can deliver weapons and shields (I blocked this for a while)
- The CST's now doesn't unload there own weapons, shields, ammo, moskitos and energy-cells

Now the new function:
- when self check of the trader, the weapons, equipment and shields also were checked! For this the settings in the configuration for the ship-class of the trader are important. You change them and the trader will react.
- The reaction is simple! The trader will fly to the nearest non-enemy dock and buy all he needs. What is installed (weapons primarily) and not longer used will be sold.
- Please don't use this as a cheat! The trader don't care if you aren't allowed to buy it, or if its able to buy. Because of the low starage amount of normal equipment docks and why not all use the supply dock script this way seems to be the best to solve the problem.

One last thing! You surely have noticed that may english istn't the best and my time is less to translate the german description. So if anyone wants to do this, I would be thankful!


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Post by Thrandisher » Sun, 30. Aug 09, 11:37

Nice to see you back and working on this. :)

My time is limited but i am back and i will play with it and see what is new.
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Post by Robert Foster » Thu, 17. Dec 09, 00:18

I have a little problem here.

These are the folders in the .7z compressed file.

The place where I am stuck at is the (first) & (last) folders.
where do I put them.?

There is no instructions in the .7z folder, which I would expect to be one. :(
I looked at the OP and nothing there describes where to place these two folders.
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Post by jocan2003 » Thu, 2. Dec 10, 05:59

Any possiblity to have a tutorial or something simialr in english my german is non-existant ( give or take google translate wich is not enough for me.... )

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Can anyone help get this mod working again

Post by Steeleratt » Sat, 11. May 13, 02:30

I have been tinkering trying to get this script to work and have been unsuccessful. I can get it to load but it won't assign Fleet supply dock. IT currently conflicts with the 63 slot so I changed that to 62 slot. But It tries to update and the script kinda hangs. the global script never runs (well stays running atleast). For the time being I will go back to learning how the scripting works so I can possible figure out where it goes wrong.

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