[SCR] Prospector [2010-7-13 - X3TC 3.2.07]

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Post by nydd » Tue, 3. Sep 13, 08:38

akari no ryu wrote:It appears that, unlike normal OOS mining (which is time consuming to set up and only runs one cycle) this plugin does not return the rocks to the system when they've been mined.

Can anyone else confirm this?

love this script , i've been looking for something like this for a long time.

now i can finally clear my "kingdom end" (love the music) and other sectors i like to stay in and manage my fleet

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Post by wolfmanpuck » Tue, 8. Oct 13, 22:53

I'm wanting to create a mining corporation and use this script. Can I set a home base for my fleet of miners and still have them sell the minerals elsewhere, not just bring the minerals back to their HQ?

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Post by Figge04 » Fri, 3. Jan 14, 17:05

im having trouble to get em breaking rocks
I think it might be that I have xrm installede, can anyone confirm if it works with xrm?

It really is a nice script, it works perfectly oos but they wont shoot stuff up

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Post by GlassDeviant » Fri, 10. Apr 15, 21:03

If I am using the bonus pack, do I need to use the 3.2.07 version of Prospector? Or can I install the new version of the libraries for Prospector 3.3.03 while still retaining the bonus pack version for the CAG and CLS from the bonus pack to work?

Or, far better, can someone give me some advice on getting all the latest versions (libraries, Prospector, CLS and CAG and maybe also Dockware Manager) working properly in my game install? I am having problems getting the latest versions of CLS and CAG working (the wares don't appear in stations for sale).

Could it be something to do with all of my downloads (of Lucike's mods) being named in Deutsch (German), while my game is set to English? I didn't think this would be a problem, but I have no idea.
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