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Post by DMZ » Sat, 30. Apr 11, 04:02

Well im new to this game and i need some more in depth help on how to install Conflicts AL Plugin, I can not seem to get it to work.

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Post by primvirlaux » Wed, 2. Nov 11, 15:25


I'm aware this mod has been abandoned by the mod creator (and is open to debugging/modification), but perhaps some others are still using this mod and can answer my question:

How does this mod interact with X3 Unleased (a mod that reduced total number of ships in the universe to improve CPU loadout)? (http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=260355) Did anyone run both mods in parallel? They might conflict, since Conflict increases ships and Unleashed reduces them. I just don't know the details.

Okay, that's my question. Now something else: who else is still reading this forum/playing TC/interested in this particular mod? I'm asking because, while I have never been part of a modding community, and I have *zero* clue about what the required skill set is to debug and modify this game, I am a semi-experienced programmer and I'm just going to assume I could learn what is needed relatively easy.

I wouldn't be able to start right now (I'm supposed to write a thesis -- *cough*), but before putting in a lot of effort, I'd first like to know if there is still demand. Also, if someone could point out where to start reading about modding TC in general, and what needs to be learned to work on this mod, I would be grateful. I should probably also try to contact the mod creator, he might at least be able to tell me how to take over where the stopped...

EDIT: Nevermind. Guess I should have read the frontpage first... it seems that
is doing more or less what this mod intended to do, and probably does so less buggy.

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Post by mim525 » Sat, 24. Dec 11, 22:18

This mod looks good does it have AP compatibility?

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Post by meppo » Fri, 21. Oct 16, 23:11

hey does anyone have a link to this mod anywhere? the mod is gone.
also does it run in AP?

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sat, 22. Oct 16, 10:47

Available on xdownloads:
meppo wrote:also does it run in AP?
Since this is a script, it will be loaded in X3AP. Whether it will work correctly is a different question though. The war in X3AP is an obvious source of possible errors in conjunction with this script. Never having used this script though, the best advice I can give is to back up your "scripts" and "t" folder as well as your savegames and to try it out.
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