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Post by ChrisCorr » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 13:17

I think you should lower the overall quantity of the M5 M4 M3 fighters and concentrate on fleets with M6+ ships. I think it will result in a better pacing and the battles won't be so hectic and straining on the PC.

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Post by BlackRain » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 13:44

Fighters are extremely important for an assault fleet. Lowering them is not a good idea I think. One carrier worth of fighters should be fine. Before there was just too many capital ships I thought.

edit--- Mavor, I was getting a msg that the terran fleet was amassing to attack sector null, what is that?

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Post by wempire » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 14:11

1. Download and install Cycrow's plugin manager located here:

2. Open up the .spk file and install. Make sure the default directory that the plugin manager is pointing to is correct.

3. Start up a new game and ensure that under gameplay options, the conflicts AL plugin is enabled (under AL settings).

On my computer this is no option in the AI plugin menu. I istalled the script then started game changed my name to Thereshallbewings then went in AL plugin menu but there no commands in there. Do I have to go in the script editer? if so what do I need to do once in there?


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Post by XFree » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 15:41


I've DL this script (newest version : 0.81) but some problems :
- races are very agressives
- big economic races have huge military power
- slot command is still in conflict with DMA for me (same command slot)

For information : in plugin manager, the version information is still 0.8 not 0.81

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Post by Mavor » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 17:38

WOW major mistake!!! i uploaded the wrong file!!! SORRY!!! hahaha ok the CORRECT 0.81 is up now >.<

Conflicts is about aggression, and if you are displeased with the wars, you can change the diplomatic aggressiveness to 0 (no wars) for awhile until things calm down :P

Also, guys, since this is a beta I haven't implemented complete cleanup on the script moving up versions, so please make sure to Disable or Remove the previous version!

I'm sorry, my lovely beta testers O_O :)

Custom slot issues are solved now since i just uploaded the wrong script version.. the correct one is up now. This should also fix the problem of massive memory usage.

I have not completely tested PROLONGED 10x seta usage... that might back the script up a bit if you leave it for a day or so. If you want to leave your seta on for 10 or more hours, i would suggest saving beforehand since X3:TC is pretty buggy even in vanilla mode and i would suspect that the game might crash if too many script commands sit on the stack. Either that or run SETA at x6 or something like that.

Ah and some of the sectors have stations that are way off the map... conflicts forces will try to kill those because they really don't like pirate bases hanging out in their sectors. :D Just wait awhile and they should flip the sector and move on.

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Post by XFree » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 17:40

Lol thanks.

I've tried directly with the 0.81 (no older version) and still 0.8 version on Plugin manager. Clean savegame or newgame of course.

Please : can you check you uploaded file? Don't know...

Dr. Dan
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Post by Dr. Dan » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 17:44

One way to fix the too-many-ships in too-many-fights thang is to make each race have one fleet. Not just one crappy little fleet though, one HUGE fleet, which it uses for the sector attacks and will recall for sector defenses. Or one attack fleet and one defense fleet or something like this, instead of spreading out millions of ships over a huge area.

And if there is a way to have the location of each super fleet appear on the minimap with a colorchange or some such so we can keep tabs on what is happening outside of the sectors we are in that would be helpful.

I assume that if making the colors change on the minimap was possible than it would have been done already in some script/mod or another, it would be nice to see the shifting frontlines of each race with this awesome mod.

Thanks man great idea!

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Post by Mavor » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 17:50

Sorry guys, you were all playing on v0.80 still, i uploaded the wrong file.


Should be good to go now!

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Post by Andy86 » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 18:50


so basically we can play withour having other scripts for claiming sectors and that make a race attack another one? to avoid script redundancy...

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Post by XFree » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 19:03

Think so. I've claim sector without any script.

BUT : i've been playing a deathmatch, 2 claimed sectors and another one is on way to be claim but suddenly : FREEZE. An absolut freeze of the game and need to reboot the computer.
Maybe isn't conflict script maybe it's...

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Post by Thrandisher » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 22:33

Hmm, haveing a issue with going into a sector, and getting the black screen that just stay's up.

Went from , Reservoir Of Tranquillity, east to, Barren Shores.
RoT was owned by split, while BS was still in Boron control.

Happened when i took the jump gate normaly. Loaded up a save and jumped to BS and still had the black screen lockup. Tossed a few satilites in there remotely and there was only 2 red M2's in there and normal amount of ships in the sector.

Waited about 2 minutes and had to kill x3 via task menu. Monitored cpu useage and ram useage (via g15 application) and everything looked ok.
Game is 8 hours and 10 minutes into a fresh start. Watched also my g15 app for x3 and time didnt change in game at all.

Not sure what else i could to to find out whats happening or any othere tests i can do for it.

West, south and east of RoT are all owned by boron while north is owned by split, and RoT is labeled as core. Dont think that will matter at all tho.

While i do have a large script/mod setup going, nothing should tech confict with this except maybe DMA. And i say that only due to the fact becaues it renames the unknown sectors and adds 1 sector to the game.

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Post by Chroniss » Sun, 30. Nov 08, 23:18

OK four things:
I'm still seeing these attacks on sectors a race already owns. Paranid attacked Cardinals domain, and Argon attack Elena's Fortune. They don't actually attack themselves but they send a huge fleet that doesn't do anything.

I got a "Terran has sent a massive fleet to null" message, happened in a previous test too.

I still think the fleet sizes are too large, the option to make them that large should stay but I don't see a way to make them smaller.

Game is freezing on me as well, not just on sector load its ussually just randomly while flying around. I'm not running DMA but I am running MARS. I also have sector takeover, I'm going to remove that and try later.

My main problem with this script is that the invasions are too random. I had Split invading Xenon sector 627 without touching 598, xenon allied with terran, Argon attacked Boron Atreus clouds. Boron was sending all their forces to Danna's Chance which is a pirate sector with no defense, All the while ignoring the Argon in Atreus. I don't know what to make of all that...

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Post by BlackRain » Mon, 1. Dec 08, 02:58

Yeah something needs to be implemented to evaluate strength and have them act accordingly.

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Post by Mavor » Mon, 1. Dec 08, 03:17

Sometimes the large force you get a message for is as a defensive force, not an offensive one. :)

I'm trying to reproduce the black screen lockups, but i'm not having any luck. Could you guys try it without sector takeover installed as well and see if you are still experiencing the black screen?

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Post by SpenzOT » Mon, 1. Dec 08, 03:29

I started a new game (aldrin start) to test out the combat mod with no storylines, and each time I have played, the game froze (with looping sound) after about 20 minutes of real time play.

Scripts I have (scripts with a '*' next to them are suspect to me):

Bribe a Pilot 1.0 by Nvidium

*Dynamic Combat Mod 3 Beta 1 by Ulfius (I am suspecting this one for conflicts due to it being new)

Community Plugin Config 1.10 by Cycrow

Explorer Command Extension 1.2 by ThisIsHarsh

Improved Boarding 1.10 by Cycrow

*MARS Turret Script 4.01 by Gazz (I have already heard about some people having their game freeze with this script for some reason)

Invasion Warnings 1.0 by Lazerath

Crystal Free SPP 1.01 by Lazerath

Marine Repairs 1.01 by Tatakau

NPC Bailing addon 1.5 by ThisIsHarsh

*Race Patrols 1.3 by ttl (this one is another I suspect for conflicts or crashes due to race response fleets responding to invasions)

Salvage Claim Software 1.0 by Cycrow

Salvage Commands and NPC's 1.1 by ThisIsHarsh

The Marauder Shipyard 0.2 by Teladidrone

Is this due to my computer being swamped with script orders? The scripts I have marked are pretty CPU-intensive, especially the race patrols since they respond to hostile action and, well, the universe is very hostile now.

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