[SCRIPT] [2008.11.24] Station Repacker v1.10

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Commander Kat said.........

Post by omnix32 » Thu, 9. Apr 09, 17:25

The station re-packer does work as the instructions say.

I have used it a few times to move stations.

1) you have to use your own TL that you are personally flying. A hired TL can not re-pack stations.

2) The station must not have any credits deposited.

3) The station can not have any wares or products (Completely empty)

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Post by PCDave666 » Fri, 10. Apr 09, 11:51

I emptied everything in the Hub, removed all the money and ships and there was nothing in production.
From my TL (Mobilemining base) I tried station repacker, and I just get a blank error message :( If I'm too far away I do get a message saying I'm too far away.

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Post by redwolfe89 » Thu, 30. Apr 09, 03:39

Iv not accually used the station repacker but my guess to you dave is to restore your game to a vanilla version and just try the station repacker, just be sure to back up your save files even tho it dosnt delete them ne ways.

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Post by The Iron Duke » Thu, 30. Apr 09, 18:23

Does this work with PHQs?
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Post by Snowdogjoe » Tue, 26. May 09, 16:21

I have used the repacker and it works (mostly:)

I can't get any repacked stations to connect to complex other than the original repacked factories.

Pirates (frakin bumbs:) blow up a SpaceFuel comples, leaving a Wheat farm.

I repack it and move it to another existing SF complex and then go buy a complex construction kit. When I build the kit I can pick either (repacked wheat far or SF complex but then (after picking one) have no other factory to connect it to.

I am assuming that I can not connect a repackaged factor to another complex - true? or did I do something wrong?

This is the second factory I have moved and was unable to connect to an existing complex. The first one I moved and while it was able to reconstruct it to it's original factor I was NOT able to connect it to another existing complex.

I hope that makes sense :)

As always any help is appreciated -
(should I have started another post for this question?>
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Post by alex2069 » Sun, 31. May 09, 07:20

I've never had any problems connecting my moved stations to another complex (pre-existing or otherwise). However there is a limit to how far away you can place your factories from the main hub of a complex (X3TC/game limit). I'm not sure what it is, but it drove me insane for a good many hours trying to figure out why the f it wouldn't connect up.
I finally decided to test it deployed directly next to the HUB, and it worked.
I slowly moved it away and eventually noticed it wouldn't connect up past a certain point - even if there was another factory directly next to it from the complex.
i.e. I had my huge-ass 50 station factory for the HUB mission, and me being the perfectionist I am, I likes to have my stations nice and neat and organised (in a nice straight row). I couldn't keep doing it, as eventually the end of the factories was too far from the main HUB or some bs.

Anyways, if this isn't the same problem, it could be that a recent update changed the way the station object types work or something. For a Mine, there are actually 2 different objects. There's the "deployed" version, and the "brand spanking new" version (the one sitting in your hold, lol). Initially if you repacked a mine, you could never redeploy it - this was an annoying bug.
When you deploy a mine, it actually destroys the asteroid, destroys the object in your cargo hold, and creates an entirely new object where the asteroid used to be. It could be that this is occurring with normal buildings or something now.

The other possibility is that you have some sort of mod/script that changes the objects or usage of a complex. Do you have anything that might do that? i.e. Ashley's Factories? (I have no idea if they've been finally done for X3TC btw - here's hoping).

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Post by uberex » Wed, 24. Jun 09, 05:14

This kind of script is just what I need for my pirate theme, but, as it is right now I cannot use it. The reason are the limitations like no-credits/no-products/etc before I'm allowed to re-pack the station. As I play a pirate and board enemy stations, sometimes deep in hostile territories, I do not have time nor ability to quickly empty the station so I can repack it and get the hell out of there before military patrols show to check up on disturbance and tear my new shiny piece of real estate to shreds.

Are you willing to make some modifications to your scripts to accommodate for it?

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Post by alex2069 » Wed, 24. Jun 09, 06:51

Those checks are there to make it a little more realistic in terms of what happens when you repack it.
I guess if the ship you're in (that is, the one attempting to repack it) has a transporter, I could probably be seen as beaming the stock/etc on-board or something.

I don't have X3 installed at the moment, and am right in the middle of final exams, but it'd be easy enough to do at some point (I have exams for 2 more weeks yet - 2 down, 3 to go).
Saying that, it'll be at least 2 weeks before I do anything like playing games, so until then you could easily remove the restrictions yourself at the cost of what's on the station.
i.e. you could remove the restrictions - but you'd lose the credits and stock on the station once you've packed it (gone permanently). It'd be a simple matter of finding the if () checks and just deleting or commenting them out.

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Post by uberex » Thu, 25. Jun 09, 16:45

I was thinking along the lines of:
- Automatically transfer station funds into player's account for convenience sake (it is several extra clicks otherwise, very important automation nonetheless);
- All docked ships are forced to un-dock (both player and NPCs);
- All station's ware (products / primary / secondary) is ejected in space in form of crates with total cargo space per crate not exceeding 5,000 units of cargo space.

Example 1: If station has 8,000 Energy Cells in stock, since 1 Energy Cell = 1 Cargo Space unit - two crates will be ejected - 5,000 Energy Cells & 3,000 Energy Cells.

Example 2: If station has 3,000 Cloth Rimes in stock, since 1 Cloth Rime = 2 Cargo Space units - 2 crates will be ejected - 2,500 Cloth Rimes & 500 Cloth Rimes.

If player is not in a hurry, he can order nearby freighters to pick them up. Or if hostile forces are closing in on your position and bad things are about to happen and very soon at that, player may forfeit the space loot and opt for getting the hell out of there with the station safely in TL's hold.

edit :: Nevermind, I wrote one for myself

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Post by eldyranx3 » Thu, 27. Aug 09, 06:22

Im having an issue where one of my captured flail fabs is always in production no matter the amount of resources and or products are, and hence, I cant repack it. Any suggestions?

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Post by dminor » Thu, 27. Aug 09, 06:34

A quick fix is to use the cheat pack and replace it.
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Post by eldyranx3 » Thu, 27. Aug 09, 06:37

Actually I dropped another captured flail fab beside it and complexed the two together. Then I just repacked the hub, resetting the production cycles. Whew. :roll:

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Post by DaveyP » Tue, 27. Jul 10, 20:39

I get an error message cos there's an npc ship still docked. I've set #2allow other races" to "no" but it still sits there.

Any idea to get him to undock?


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Post by dreis » Mon, 25. Oct 10, 20:10

Hi Guys..

is this script still alive and kicking?
I mean.. does it works with 3.0? anyone tested ?


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Post by Smart_Bomb » Wed, 17. Nov 10, 21:43

can the stations be repacked into a hired transport service from npcs?
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