[SCRIPT] [2012.04.02] Universal Best Buys/Sells Locator v2.51a

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Post by x3dt » Fri, 22. Mar 13, 16:20

I've been trying to make the script work with the Bulk Transporter Upgrade, so I can use it to supply and sell things from my complexes with a TL. But I'm hitting a wall... as in I am not very good with the X scripting language.

Has anyone else tried to do this? My basic idea was that within a2069.lib.moveto I could make an exception for when TL class with BTU is detected. It would then just pass the parameters (station, ware, buy or sell) to tnal.bulk.beam.trade and then that script would take it from there.

Seems really simple but I haven't gotten anywhere yet. Any pointers on how I can call the script and pass vars to it would be welcome.

Another problem I am facing is that a2069.lib.moveto does not really hold information on the transaction itself (what ware, and should it be bought or sold at the station?), and I can't find the script that does.

@alex2069: I know you are not actively developing this script anymore, that's why I am trying to do it myself (with help from the community). However, if you are interested, then you can consider this a feature suggestion :)

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Post by mjl1966 » Tue, 9. Apr 13, 07:44



OMG, this is a *GREAT* mod. I spent hours going throgh my satellite list, 5ing and 6ing over and over and over. Plus, if I wanted to find the best selling price, I had to actually own some of it. Sure, I bought it for under average, but then find out I have to beat the NPCs 8 hops away in the only sector that has the best price. For 5 units. This tool is exactly what I was wishing I had.

After all that, I got dead-ended with my cattle ranch because I just didn't realize how bad the prices were. Have to sell it all under cost, but CAG won't do that.

Then here comes this piece of magic and now I'm able to find the best price, send the guys out and say "sell it anyway

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Post by cryptonite1 » Tue, 11. Jun 13, 16:10

hi, im tried it, its working but only for the sector ur in, similar to the original "best buy locator" any tips?

or do u have to have docked at that station once before it can be searched?

i tried to search for "fighter drone" beside a "drone production facility" that has 10 of them in stock, but the searcher gave me a result saying no "fighter drone" were found in the universe, there must be something wrong right?


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Post by Brinnie » Tue, 11. Jun 13, 16:48

As far as I know it will work anywhere as long as you have property/satellites around the universe.

If you can't find an item it could be cause there are none available in the sectors that you are currently monitoring.

ps. Any chance of this ever becoming an official script so that we wont need the game to be modified in order to use it?

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Post by cryptonite1 » Tue, 11. Jun 13, 17:35

oh...so you mean you have to be able to monitor the stations inorder for it to be searched?

but as i said, my personal ship is right next to the "drone produciton facility" abviously i can see it, i even have "trade extension software" but the searcher did not even find "fighter drones" even when there are 10 in stock of the station right next to me....strange

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Post by Brinnie » Tue, 11. Jun 13, 18:42

cryptonite1 wrote:oh...so you mean you have to be able to monitor the stations inorder for it to be searched?
Yes, unless I am mistaken, that is how it should work. The way I think of it is that I must be able to check the prices for the items manually, If I cannot do that then the script can't either.

That is one of the reasons why I think this script (or something like it) should be part of the vanilla game as it is not a cheat but just a way to eliminate the need for tedious and time consuming searches.

In your case, as you say you are in the same sector, it should find the items in the search. Maybe it is a bug or perhaps I am overlooking something.

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Post by nap_rz » Thu, 20. Jun 13, 15:44

I run into a problem with this mod, how to actually use best buy locator? I've installed it into my player ship but I can't access the best buy option in the trade command? :?:

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Post by celludriel » Thu, 12. Sep 13, 11:41

Well this mod is a real time saver that makes X3 trading more enjoyable. However there is room for improvement.

For example I'm a trader and want to know what currently is the most cheapest product to buy in my satellite trade network. So I want to choose a category , lets pick food and then see all products with their lowest price easly navigatable. Think eve online.

Is there any way to enhance this script to do this ? Ideally in the detail screen where you select the sort by, you would have another panel with all the wares in the selected group , that you then can click on one by one, instead of always starting a new search.

If this script isn't being worked on, can anyone show me the right resources so I can teach myself to extend on this ?

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Post by Barklight » Mon, 23. Sep 13, 15:53

I'd also vouch for this script to be deemed officially supported in the bonus pack, or at least a slightly watered down version. I decided to go through the first unmodded game I've done in a long time so I can finally claim my steam achieves, and damn I miss this script. I started out as a merchant and it's a real pain hunting through stations on the satellite network for a good deal :P
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Post by menace_dk » Mon, 21. Oct 13, 21:56

hey all

just starting playing x3 alpion prelude...

I installed this mod with X-Universe Plugin Manager Lite but i can't get it to work...

can I get a step step for noobs on how to open the Universal Best Buys/Sells Locator???

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Post by firestorm79 » Fri, 8. Nov 13, 17:36

does this work with XRM??

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Post by akruppa » Sun, 17. Nov 13, 20:38


please could you host the .zip file on Google code as well? I'm playing under Linux for which no Plug-in Manager seems to be available. Thanks!

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Post by Peanutcat » Mon, 18. Nov 13, 23:10

Edit: Nevermind
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Post by Bartic » Fri, 22. Nov 13, 00:18

Please, could you upload zip files somewhere else? I can't download from gamefront.


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Post by NoxMortem » Mon, 3. Feb 14, 22:37

This mod is incredible!

Would it be possible that the mod does not give you information without the proper ship extensions?

Currently it seems like a cheat as i can see prices for stations where i would not get prices for. I really really hope someone could limit the view to stations where you would get prices manually as well because the interface and the possibilities are extremely cool.

I mean at least as an option, i understand if others maybe want to use it the way it currently works!

Also would it be possible to make the best buy/sell addon required? I mean that would be really cool as this is actually exactly best buy/sell with a usable interface :)

I installed it after XRM, it seems to work so far but i have not really tested it :)

To clear things up: Maybe the requirement should be a ship with the trading extension instead of just any property in the sector?

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