[AL PLUGIN] The Marauder Shipyard - v0.5 - updated: 23.01.2009

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Post by Sandalpocalypse » Thu, 13. Nov 08, 07:52

It is true that my Incendiary Bomb Launcher Forge does not run on Space fuel.
But I did that on purpose - I did not want this forge to use illegal wares because that would cause some race military to pay me a visit and blow the crap out of it if I build in the wrong sector..
I dont see the problem? 8)

They are pirate weapons after all... and quite powerful. Risk/reward and all that. But hey, it's your script.

I would use player fight/trade rank to determine ship/station availability.

In the long term, maybe even requiring difficult, racerep-destroying missions to unlock certain factories and ships... :twisted:
Irrational factors are clearly at work.

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Post by SilverDragonLord » Mon, 17. Nov 08, 06:59

u could also say after the 2nd or 3rd move get a mission to bring parts and equipment so it can build a weapons platform to defend it from the paranid since moveing a shipyard costs quite abit, maby a custom modle that looks like it was patched togeather from different race parts

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Post by Teladidrone » Wed, 19. Nov 08, 23:27

Introducing: The Marauder Mechanic

The Marauder Shipyard now has its own mechanic!
This guy has some... well... let's be polite and call it "personal issues" but he is able to overtune your ships. For a price of course...
The mission will start if you dock at the Shipyard.

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Post by SVoyager » Thu, 20. Nov 08, 09:32

Tried your mechanic today.

OMFG this is the biggest laugh i've had in a while. As you initiate repairs, you hear the dude working on it. Then BOOM! LOL HAHA!!!

Then a few seconds later... small boom... and then BOOOOM again even louder! omg hilarious!

Damn the mods here sometimes are full of surprises! nice work!!

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Post by Chroniss » Thu, 20. Nov 08, 11:43

This is really cool, I like the missing factories here. I have a request though, can you make a factory that produces the experimental beam weapons like Plasma Beam Cannon? Its a really cool weapon but it doesn't exist in the game and the Cerberus is kind of dull without it.

I assume thats different from the Plasma Burst Generator thats already in, but I havn't heard of that one so IDK. And maybe if its not too hard you could make some mission behind these. Complete the mission and the shipyard sells the new factory, that would be awesome :D

Edit- Okay I see your way ahead of me here, but still think about the PBC and maybe some other missing weapons that weren't included in the vanilla game.

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Post by Teladidrone » Thu, 20. Nov 08, 15:37

Glad you like the Mechanic! 8)

Plasma Beam Cannon:
Sure, that cannon and its factory do exist in the Tfiles, adding it for sale at my shipyard should be pretty easy.
I'll look into that for the next update; probably not before the weekend though.

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Post by Stealth17 » Thu, 20. Nov 08, 15:40

Hey Teladidrone,

Nice script! That whack-job mechanic of yours did some damage to my ship but my marines repaired it quicky 8). I tried docking with a second ship to have it tuned, but the mission didn't appear again (makes sense, it's a mission). Any chance you could make the mechanic a bit like X3 Overtune? Contact "Mechanic" through you comms-menu. He'll tell you what you need. You dock with the requested materials and he gives you the update? That way more ships could benefit of his services.

Good job so far!


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Post by Teladidrone » Thu, 20. Nov 08, 15:55

Well, the mechanic needs some downtime after doing all this hard work... you know, scientist and all, not used to hard physical labor. Maybe you should try again a little later... :wink:
The mission will reset itself after 10min.
But don't forget about the mechanic's "medical needs"...
I am looking into hooking him into the com menu, too, but I am having a few technical issue with this atm. The lack of up-to-date documentation from Ego is certainly not helping, too...

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Post by XFree » Thu, 20. Nov 08, 16:16

Excellent work for an excellent mission ^^ Need to see more

Good work.

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Post by VisigothX » Fri, 21. Nov 08, 20:49

Does the shipyard respawn at all/in the same area? I believe mine went poof/was destroyed since I found it before and it is no longer there.

Reinstalling the script, of course, doesn't respawn the station =(

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Post by Teladidrone » Fri, 21. Nov 08, 21:15

It should respawn on its own after a while if destroyed; not in the same place though.
And you can always force a immediate respawn if you turn the plugin off for a few seconds ( that will destroy it if there is one) and turn it on again (will spawn it somewhere).

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The Marauder...etc

Post by Saheike » Fri, 21. Nov 08, 21:59

Hi, Teladidrone...

The version 01 worked fine in the german version of TC but the version 02 makes a "Text not found" at the beginning when the message should appear.
If you need a translation for the german version send me the english text to translate it in a pm.

Greetings from Saheike :oops:
Lieben Gruß von Sabine

//^:^\\ Trakkathrin-Kilrathina

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Post by Teladidrone » Fri, 21. Nov 08, 22:40

To be honest I am a little surprised that version 0.1 even did because it only has t/8370-L044.xml.
How could that even happen? That's weird. :?

You need to copy t/8370.xml to t/8370-L049.xml and change the language id on the second line to 49 to get rid of the readtext errors.

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Post by Woundweaver » Sun, 23. Nov 08, 02:16

Just installed this script, been scouring the universe but cannot find Marauder shipyard anywhere :? I know it`s randomly placed but is there a certain `few` areas where it might be or could i possibly relocate it through scripts options. Also would it be off the beaten track in a sector or pretty much on the main path in a sector. Thanks for any tips in advance.
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Post by Lancefighter » Sun, 23. Nov 08, 02:23

the message they send to you gives you the sector if you take the time to think about it a little :)
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