[MOD]External TP/TS docking (update 07/12/08) for 1.3

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Post by fud » Tue, 20. Jan 09, 14:07

If it was just a tship file, it'd be out already. I've got to go through the ship scenes and add the docking to them again, then test them in game.

With everything else that's going on right now, it's a slow process.

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Post by Khas » Fri, 23. Jan 09, 22:26

This doesn't work for the Xenon J :-(

Any chance of getting that fixed?

(There's room for a good 4 M6s underneath...that would be nice... ;-) )

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Post by Swan-HP » Mon, 11. May 09, 17:54

Man, could you fix link? It doesnt work.

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Post by fud » Mon, 11. May 09, 20:31

This mod isn't really available anymore.

It was for 1.3, it's not updated for the current version of TC (2.0).

I simply don't have the time to update it. There is another one by Coffee-Man that may be up to date.


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