[MOD]External TP/TS docking (update 07/12/08) for 1.3

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[MOD]External TP/TS docking (update 07/12/08) for 1.3

Post by fud » Fri, 31. Oct 08, 23:46

Getting a general consensus on what people want.

I'm getting back into Max and I noticed there's a stock "extern_TS_dock" prop (I've got others as well, but it'd be easier since this one's already in TC). There's also one for TP and another for TS2 (have to figure out what that is, hopefull a combo TP/TS dock).

So, what do people think/want?

TL (obvious)
M1 (obvious)

11/11/08 update:

TL ships have 2 TS/TP slots
M1 ships have 1 TS/TP slot
M2 ships have 1 TS/TP and 1 fighter slot (M3/4/5)
M7 are getting 1 TS/TP

I could add a fighter slot to M7s, if demand dictates. So far, all ships have been tested. I'm afraid though, that it'll require a new game start (not a problem for me, but some may not like it), which is why I may just contribute the new scenes to a bigger mod package, should someone be interested.

13/11/08 Update:

TLs done (Terran Mobile Mining Base has 4xTS slots)
M1s done (except a couple Terran)
M2s done
M7s done

All the gibberish above, smallerized and blackened....

Current version:

TL: 2 external TS/TP/TM/M6/M3/M4/M5/M8 (all²)

M1: 1 external TS/TP/TM/M6/M3/M4/M5/M8 (all)

M2: 1 external TS/TP/TM/M6/M3/M4/M5/M8 + 1 fighter (M3/M4/M5) dock (all³)

M7: 1 external TS/TP/TM/M6/M3/M4/M5/M8 (all)

Note²: Goner TL ships, and Yaki/Pirate mobile pirate bases not modified. Terran Mobile Mining Base has 4xTP/TS/etc clamps.

Note³: Valhalla and Osaka have 2x TS/TP/etc docks, the Osaka adds another M3/M4/M5 clamp as well (for a total of 3 external).

Some M7s already had docking (and a lot (Griffon)). So they weren't touched.


External Docking

Extract rar file, drop cat/dat files into x3 terran conflict\mods folder.
Enable mod with the start up menu.

It *should* work with an existing game, provided you are not IN one of the modded ships. My best suggestion is to fly your current ship (not an M7/M1/M2/TL) to an unknown sector with NO ships in it, and save (salvage). Install the mod, and load that save.

There is a slight chance this will require a new game start.

I don't take any responsibility for damages or unexpected pregnancies.

7/12/08 Edit:
This is a hotfix. Instructions are simple:

Extract rar into your x3 terran conflict folder. The Tships.txt file was packed in the 'types' folder.
New Tships for 1.3
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Post by tatakau » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 01:18

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Post by ThisIsHarsh » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 01:52

Awesome. I was hoping stock TLs (and others) would already dock TS and TPs, but not far enough into my game to check it.

IMO all huge ships should be able to dock at least one TS for resupply, and 2 or more for TLs. Does the stock game definately not include any ships that can dock larger ships???

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Post by fud » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 02:24

tatakau wrote:
... are you actually planning on modding capital ship docking properties??? ^^ Because that would rock!

~ Tatakau
That is the plan, yes. I'm hoping that my modded ships for Reunion will still work, that's what I need to test/check.

I'm also playing with engines. It's always bugged me that all races had the same color engine. Testing that too.

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Post by A5PECT » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 02:24

I'm going to guess that TS2 is the TM class.

I agree with tatakau's configuration, but if you can I would also like to be able to dock M6's into capital ships.

M1 and M2 [1-2 TS/TP/M6 slots]
M7 [1 TS/TP/M6 slot]
TL [2+ TS/TP slots)
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Post by fud » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 04:23

Here's a prelim (mostly just a test).

http://www.apexf1.com/x3/TC/screens/TS-dock.jpg (warning, 1.8M jpeg).

The good news is, it seems to work with an existing game, which isn't real surprising, I remember it working with Reunion. But, I'm not sure that if you have a TL in sector with you what it might do. I'll have to test that too.

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Post by Teladidrone » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 14:40

M1,M2,TL: 1 TS, 1 TP slot.
M7: 1 TP slot.

No extra fighter slots for big ships; thats what carriers are for ;)

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Post by mufflink » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 15:19

Excellent plan!!

Here is my take on it.

M1: 0 ts/tp/m6
M2: 1-2 M5's
M7: 1 M5
M6: 1 M5
TL: 1 ts/tp (except the Mobile Mining Ship: 2 ts/tp)

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Post by Goldfinch » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 15:20

It would be nice to have 2-4 TS/TP spots on a TL. For setting up a new station with traders, if nothing else.

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Post by fud » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 15:53

I think ALL big ships, M1, M2, TL, M7 should have one clamp for a TS, for supply/equip reasons. To me it seems logical.

Adding a couple fighter clamps to an M2 isn't difficult, but it would also require an edit to TShips, which the others would not (but should, to increase teh docking by 1 for the TS/TP). I'm trying to NOT get into TShips with this, as it can have some adverse affects on an existing game.

It *shouldn't* be a problem, but stranger things have happened.

Still though, that's why this is in the discussion phase. Getting the ships modded isn't overly difficult, I'd just like to release something that the majority agrees on. :)

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Post by Pan0pticon » Sun, 2. Nov 08, 08:01

I suppose the question is, will a TS/TP clamp support a single fighter class vessel?

And further, aren't freight drones for that purpose too? (IMHO I would love extended docking on cap ships. Just seems more natural :-) )

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Post by 3D_Master » Sun, 2. Nov 08, 13:02

For me.

M1 = 1 TS slot for supply runs.
M2 = 1 TS slot for supply runs, and 1-3 (Depends on race) fighter slots, one at least so the captain (Me and You) has our own fighter.
M7 = 1 fighter slot for supply runs, only on those M7's without docking.
M6 = Leave alone, these can all dock anywhere anyway.
TL = 2-3 TS slots, When I buy a factory I want to buy it's freighters too, and take them with the factory.
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Post by Khaak_Slayer » Sun, 2. Nov 08, 13:28

I would love to have both TS ships and M6 ships to dock at my TL, like i had in Reunion.
DeadlyDA, i think, made it so that you could have one M6 dock underneath all TL ships. I used it as my personal 'Captain's yacht/fighter'. It was kool, because on the Mammoth, it would nestled between those little yellow stabiliser engines or whatever they were on the belly.

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Post by fud » Sun, 2. Nov 08, 14:02

I've just about got the TS slots on all the TLs and M1s. The nit-picky part is positioning them so they look ok (where half the TS isn't IN the TL).

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Post by fishface60 » Mon, 3. Nov 08, 19:47

How is the progress on this going?

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