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Post by DrBullwinkle » Sun, 3. Jun 12, 17:15

I have never been able to find a link for Weapon Quickswap, either.

Fortunately, Weapon Select Extension works. It also has some improvements, as well.

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Post by SpongeBobSpacepants » Mon, 22. Oct 12, 01:38

Why cant i seem to be able to set `which` lasers i want in the turrets. I get how to use the hotkeys but havnt got a clue as to how to actualy set my lasers.... ;(

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Post by DrBullwinkle » Mon, 22. Oct 12, 02:56

Depending on where you are, it is usually "y" (for "mY ship") then "g" (for "Guns").

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Post by SS_T » Mon, 13. Oct 14, 13:18

Working dl link:
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New XDownloads:

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Post by WarChicken » Mon, 25. May 15, 13:47

SS_T wrote:Working dl link:
Thanks SS_T.
Whle I value the X3 Download Database, I'm too dumb to find anything in there.

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Post by tatakau » Sat, 14. Jul 18, 06:18

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Post by DarkMasterW » Sun, 9. Dec 18, 21:37

Legionnaire wrote:
Fri, 12. Dec 08, 07:48
Ok, I'm afraid to say i am having a problem with this, i can't find the hotkeys to to enable me to set and access groups, any ideas? :?

I had same problem. It's a bug if you dont have plugin manager.
File plugin.tatakau.wqs.hotkey.on.xml is invalid. If you open that in script editor and try to save, you take error. It dont have "if" for check on installed plugin manager, but it have one more "end", then it needed.
As i understand skipped "if does script exist: 'plugin.hotkeymanager.remove'", but i dont check that, i just delete block for check and use plugin.

tatakau, script have one more problem. If i swap to group 1 and push hotkey again, script try to swap weapon again, but it dont needed. Because it try to swap, weapon dont fire in that time. I reduce wait in swap, but it no good decision. It must check weapons and dont swap slots if it have right weapon.

// Google drive have problems. Just attach to forum. It really better.

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