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Jelani Gunju
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Post by Jelani Gunju » Sat, 13. Dec 08, 06:15

Grandiose Plans:

I might decide to add functionality to allow the player to have a different set of weapons profiles for each ship. And perhaps turret support as well... hmm...

I tried your script out of Curiousity... though I couldn't really see the point of it.... Well... Now I can't Live without it!!!! It Rocks.

However... back to your Gradniose Plans... DON'T MAKE BEG!!!

In the Intrim - would it be possible (and/or easier) to add a couple more Hot Keys. I've got repair Lasers on the Third Hot Key, so that works for any ship. However... Getting the ships back to Primary Weapons has left me seriously limited!!!

Screw this... Okay I'm Begging!!!! :D
Jelani Gunju
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Post by NightPrince » Tue, 20. Jan 09, 17:23

Can we have an update on your "Grandiose Plans"? Its really interesting :) Keep up the good work!
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Post by gandy|UKCS| » Sat, 14. Feb 09, 09:57

this script is just what i needed.. no more manual swapping between my EBC's and my repair lasers.


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Post by tatakau » Tue, 3. Mar 09, 23:29

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Post by Insane_Machine » Thu, 4. Jun 09, 06:30

Hi, I downloaded your script for my Vidar, but I noticed a problem. It would only switch the first 8 lasers in the main guns. The Vidar has 10 main guns. I did my first bit of scripting, and managed to modify your script to work on it. I think it should also work on any number main guns.

I just changed around 3 lines of code in the assign and swap scripts.

here is the updated version if you want to look at it, or incorporate the code

Thanks for awesome script by the way.

Alex Vanderbilt
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Post by Alex Vanderbilt » Tue, 7. Jul 09, 18:45

Small question; Can I just have one layout for all of my ships?
I've experienced that I cannot change the laser layout on my Hyperion, when I've set a layout for my tiger and viceversa, I cannot change the Tiger's layout when I've set up a layout for my Hyp?

If possible, could you change this?


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Post by drugfreeboy » Fri, 28. Aug 09, 06:57

I'm interested in using something to change my main guns, but I don't want it to conflict with MARs on the turrets. Will this conflict with Mars?

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Post by virgil64 » Sun, 17. Jan 10, 08:09

Hi there,

I'd like to echo the question of the previous post, does this conflict with MARS turret script. If the answer is yes, would the last version released for main guns only be usable in this case, (I'm really most interested in the main gun setups) and finally just out of curiosity, do you have the four config options available for each weapon set? This sounds just what the doctor ordered, if there are no conflicts I would love to include this script in my game, thank you :)

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Post by DaveyP » Sun, 16. May 10, 19:42

Even if it did change the guns in the turrets, it's a once only hit. MARS would just change the turrets weapons right back to whatever it decided they should be.

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Post by ilricca » Mon, 3. Jan 11, 12:46

Hi Tatakau, I was wonder: what about a script to switch (to and) from the standard fire mode to a fire-linked one?
Even if it is truly nice to see all my point singularities hit the target simultaneously, it is rather frustrating to see them miss the intended target simultaneously...
(For balancing purpose this mod can be restricted to some weapons, like those with slow fire rate and/or slow shells...)


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Post by Khaakbuster » Fri, 7. Jan 11, 16:43

Even though this is a nice script I had to switch to Orkas "Switch Turret Laser" script from X3:Reunion and converted it to X3:TC.

It does support the same 3 config slots, includes guns and turrets but it can save/load the configurations for all player ships not just one global configuration. As I have seen that you have this on your todo list you might want to take a look at "". There you can see how Orka used local ship variables to store the information.

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Post by hipperion » Sun, 12. Feb 12, 19:36

Script only remebers 8 weapon slots ... :( I have got 10 :)

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Post by MassiveAttack » Mon, 5. Mar 12, 16:30

PostPosted: Sun, 12. Feb 12, 19:36 Post subject:
Script only remebers 8 weapon slots ... Sad I have got 10 Smile
I am using a modified Ancient Aurora shes got 16 slots in 4 turrets and 8 slots in 2.

Anyway this script cuts down a lot of swapping so thanks :wink:

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Post by bluenog143 » Fri, 16. Mar 12, 17:11

This will come in handy for my agamemnon! :D
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Post by Hammerit » Sun, 3. Jun 12, 15:49

DL link's are not working. Seems like the Filefront Link has expired and the private server is offline :(.
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