[Script] Freight Transporter Upgrade 1.2 21.10.08

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Post by LV » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 21:59

it works for me so i don;t know if that's now an ego ware

the issue above was in the code, it was not adding the upgrades just linking the product

now fixed, see first post for links and update as i've made it into an AL Plugin so it's easy for noobs to use

all of my scripts will be ported over to the EMP pack once someone makes one for TC

so any SS_WARE issues will be gone :wink:
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Post by Coruskane » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 00:00

thanks :)

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Post by Scoob » Sat, 25. Oct 08, 17:18

Love this Script LV, most useful when you're sat in your large ship surrounded by the loot dropped by your fallen enemies.

Currently using it in my TL and it works like a charm.

All I need to make my TL complete now is a TC version of al_main's excellent Bulk Transporter Upgrade. Oh yeah, that and the full suite of TL Trade commands I requested in another thread ;)

Thanks for your efforts,


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Post by TSM » Sun, 2. Nov 08, 22:50

Nice one LV as I keep missing cargo if I try to get it with my ship :D
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Jasper Carrot
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Post by Jasper Carrot » Mon, 17. Nov 08, 08:51

Hey LV

On the astronaut side of things. Is it possible for TC to recognise the relationship between the player and NPC astronauts??

What I'm getting at is if an astronaut is blue rather than have him/her beam aboard as a slave have it beamed aboard as a passenger who when you dock at a station/beam goods across they automatically leave your ship and give you a few credits for the rescue ... and if the astonaut is red beam then aboard as a slave

Ideally if the astronaut is a pirate they could be dropped off at a shipyard and arrested as a pirate and you get credits for it.

If this could be done I think it would be a good extra

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Post by Tiberiumkyle » Mon, 17. Nov 08, 09:06

A must have when you mostly fly a tiny M4 like the Elite, VERY hard to hit cargo crates with that ship.

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Post by dragonsblade71uk » Thu, 20. Nov 08, 16:20

Is it not possible to use the ships laser/shield energy instead of ECs?

I love the idea, but having to carry ECs means less Cargo space, sure it gets replaced 1 for 1 almost, but still seems needless.
OFC if your restricted from using the ships laser/shield energy then i guess it will have to do.

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Post by LV » Thu, 20. Nov 08, 19:36

dragonsblade71uk wrote:Is it not possible to use the ships laser/shield energy instead of ECs?.
That's not a bad idea now i can set laser as well as shield so i'll consider it but it will be a costly energy/shield drop

consensus people?

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Post by TSM » Thu, 20. Nov 08, 19:59

its sounds good to me you use the feature in hot zone you take risk's.

Hey its not as twsited as your other scripts :D
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Post by juanitierno » Thu, 4. Dec 08, 15:00

Any chance this could be improved, or a different version made, to help in mobile mining?

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Post by aroka » Sun, 7. Dec 08, 20:11

I used the Script package version and didn't work for me.
Said there's not installed or no energy on board.
My ship is the Argon Elite.

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Post by Yupsolo » Sun, 7. Dec 08, 23:18

Hello LV,

Usually I love the scripts you made for X3R/TC but since I have install this one every upgrade disappear from Dock and Ship!!!!! No readtext, no empty slot, it's like they never exist.

When I used the cheat script they are no longer available!!!!!!!
Their is a list of the script I used (conflict!!!)...
EMP is installed and allowed custom ware activated in Script Manager.

Cheat Collection Package :: Cycrow :: Yes/Yes :: 1.41 :: 07/11/2008
Community Plugin Configuration :: Cycrow :: Yes/Yes :: 1.10 :: 28/10/2008
Compare Ships :: Graxster :: Yes/Yes :: 1.0 :: 05/11/2008
Explorer Command Extension :: ThisIsHarsh :: Yes/Yes :: 1.1 :: 26/10/2008
Factory Complex Constructor :: Dusty :: Yes/Yes :: 4.01 :: 25/10/2008
Improved Boarding :: Cycrow :: Yes/Yes :: 1.10 :: 28/10/2008
Jump to Me :: Graxster :: Yes/Yes :: 1.0 :: 09/11/2008
Jumpdrive Kits :: Lord Vader :: Yes/Yes :: 1.1 TC :: 11/11/2008
Marine Repairs :: Tatakau :: Yes/Yes :: 1.01 :: 01/11/2008
Marine Training Manager :: Grax :: Yes/Yes :: 2.0 :: 25/11/2008
NPC Bailing Addon :: ThisIsHarsh :: Yes/Yes :: 1.6.1 :: 15/11/2008
Salvage Claim Software Mk. 1 :: TECSG :: Yes/Yes :: 3.04 :: 14/11/2008
Salvage Commands and NPCs :: ThisIsHarsh :: Yes/Yes :: 1.3 :: 15/11/2008
Shield Boost TC :: X3R Script by LV, Updated for X3TC and features modified by Malakie :: Yes/Yes :: 1.02 :: 15/11/2008
The Marauder Shipyard :: Teladidrone :: Yes/Yes :: 0.3 :: 05/12/2008
Turbo Booster :: Cycrow :: Yes/Yes :: 1.00 :: 20/10/2008
Wing hotkeys :: Cycrow :: Yes/Yes :: 1.10 :: 28/10/2008
lazcorp_crystal_free_spp_v1_01 :: Lazerath :: Yes/Yes :: 1.01 :: 08/11/2008

Any solution? (I used the French version)

Oups problem resolve, I'm confused it was not your script LV!!!! Sorry...

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Post by wolfsbane27 » Sat, 24. Jan 09, 09:57

I am having problems installing this mod with Cycrows Plugin Mannager. I have unzipped the file to my desktop but when I try to load the mod it doesn't see anything in the any of the directories that were unzipped.

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Post by Gerik » Fri, 20. Feb 09, 03:58

Is there anyway to make the ai use the beam script while running the vanilla special command->gather items from system?

Usually will clear out lanes with my m3 wing. I'd like to get a TS to follow behind me picking up the loot, but they just take too damn long IS, and I usually can't jump OOS without them getting obliterated.

Falcon hauler worked alright, but I had to keep sending it back to my TM. On a side note, is there a modified gather item command that dumps the cargo hold at a homebase when full?
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Post by pelador » Sat, 21. Feb 09, 02:53

Idea: how about being able to transfer cargo (if in range) from and to player owned stations? Or is that really more a function of the trading system on stations, and isnt readily "pliable" to ship functions in space?

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