[SCR] Smart Turrets v4.7.2 (AP, 05-04-14), v2.6 (TC, 21-08-13)

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Post by Brinnie » Tue, 17. Jul 18, 13:55

I would simply like to set my fighters to chose the appropriate weapons for the situation, like switching to fast lasers vs small crafts and to heavier ones such as HEPTs vs bigger ships.

What would be the best approach to use?
This script, given the name, seems to be the right choice but it does offer a number of options that are confusing me. I would be satisfied with being able , for ex., to equip 3 PACs and 2 HEPTs in my M3s loadout and have them to automatically switch between the groups appropriately just as the player does.


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Re: [SCR] Smart Turrets v4.7.2 (AP, 05-04-14), v2.6 (TC, 21-08-13)

Post by TechSY730 » Sun, 16. Dec 18, 02:35

If anyone is using this script and MARS at the same time, and tried to apply both to AI ships, you may have noticed that they will conflict, both fighting control over AI ships.
I have made a change to Smart to allow the conflict to be resolved:

- Added the option to only apply SMART to AI ships of less then M6 class, to avoid conflicting with MARS
- You should be able to get to it either from the main configuration or the artificial life settings
- There shouldn't be anything needed to prevent player ships from having this issue, as you can only run one command per turret, so MARS and Smart can't both run on a single turret

https://drive.google.com/open?id=18joMV ... 5wHzv0ylAJ

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Re: [SCR] Smart Turrets v4.7.2 (AP, 05-04-14), v2.6 (TC, 21-08-13)

Post by Taylor2008 » Sun, 16. Dec 18, 04:00

Thank you for your improvement ! :)

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Re: [SCR] Smart Turrets v4.7.2 (AP, 05-04-14), v2.6 (TC, 21-08-13)

Post by unknown1 » Fri, 14. Jan 22, 20:02

Anyone tested this for FL ? Gonna install it anyway and post results later on.

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