Problem with TL (un)docking. [FIXED]

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End Days
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Problem with TL (un)docking. [FIXED]

Post by End Days » Fri, 15. Jul 11, 05:19

Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I didn't really see an alternative forum.

I've also posted this on the gamefaqs forums, but they seem pretty slow tonight:

Bought this game during the Steam sale, a decision that I haven't come to regret, but my first game was a Dead is Dead game and every game after has been a Dead is Dead game; I haven't yet 'beaten' the game, however.

I only mention that because of something frustrating that's been happening and is starting to make this particular mode annoying: Every time I charter a TL-class ship (an Orca, as Dead is Dead is Boron) I order them to dock at the shipyard, I buy my station, and ask them to follow me towards where I want it placed. The problem, however, is that they have a habit of exploding in a rather spectacular fashion while trying to undock. The AI likes to have them go completely vertical, which clips into the station, and, well, they explode.

At first, no big deal, right? I lost a few ore mines and that was that, nothing I couldn't recover from, but now I'm starting to lose more expensive stations and this is getting a little out of hand. Is there a fix for this? A way to prevent it?

Unrelated: Is there a way to play as a different race than Boron for this mode? Such as Argon, Teladi, etc?

Edit: Problem solved thanks to a helpful poster.
Edit 2: I figured I'd re-edit and say what fixed my 'problem' in case someone else searches the forums looking for a workaround. All I had to do was leave the sector and ask the TL to 'follow me' and then jump back when he had undocked, since apparently it is all simulated when you're out of the sector.
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Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 15. Jul 11, 11:04

Yes this sort of issue is more usually discussed in the Universe forum (BTW it is a TL and not a TS) but I'm glad you fixed it. You might usefully edit your thread title to include ' .. TL ... [FIXED]'.

Edit: Thanks for doing that.
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