How to disable ffdshow

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Post by Technojerk36 » Mon, 4. Jan 10, 21:18

Oh so you would just search for ffdshow?
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Post by Tycow » Mon, 4. Jan 10, 21:42

Yep, you can do a find in Dxdiag for ffdshow. :)

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Post by TheRealBix » Mon, 4. Jan 10, 23:29

Works Perfect ! Lots of thanks !!!

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Post by Jezath » Mon, 11. Jan 10, 19:04

thanks alot

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Post by surferx » Mon, 31. May 10, 19:33

Before I saw this post I experienced a CTD and when I opened task mgr I saw a message about ffdshow. I had selected "always use ffdshow with this program" when I saw the prompt.
After reading this post I selected the "don't use ffdshow" under media player tool-options-dvd advanced tab and listed x3tc.exe.
I hope the first instruction won't cancel the second.
And I didn't see x3tc.exe listed in the "use ffdshow only in" list.
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Post by carran » Sat, 9. Oct 10, 23:07

For anyone looking to delete ffdshow try this:

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Post by Sehnsucht1985 » Sat, 19. Mar 11, 01:26

I've played TC over 600 hours and the music has always been very quiet and low quality, always wondered why but never bothered to check for a fix. Disabled FFD and suddenly I can actually hear the music, for the first time :S

So thanks for posting this.

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Post by Virtualaughing » Fri, 16. Dec 11, 14:20

You might have ffdshow icon in the system tray area by default. No search required for configure the codecs
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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 26. Dec 11, 22:59

@ Virtualaughing: Please say to whom you are replying in posts made in multi-poster threads - but that is moot anyway as the latest system issue in this thread was posted 18 months ago.
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Post by Draggi » Sat, 27. Jul 13, 15:49

I have installed the tool on Windows 8, because my game music was lost after I had installed an other audio decoder and than deleted.
Your audio decoder is great and now works also my Game under win 8.

I´m now happy!

Thanks for this hint!


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Post by Rivvik » Thu, 9. Jan 14, 03:13

Hello, This is coming very late but I have discovered a way to fix the FFDshow issues in Windows 7. If the following fix is already known, I apologize for my redundancy.

Basically, disable ffdshow for X3TC.exe as previously instructed, THEN, here's the twist: Run X3TC.exe in compatibility mode for "Windows XP (SP2)"

Mine seems to work fine now, so far, without having to nuke my codec packages.

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Post by Tom5Cat » Wed, 19. Feb 14, 04:34

Does anybody know what needs to be put in when playing TC through STEAM? I'm guessing the x3tc.exe doesn't get used that way, does it?

Really need this fix, cause the further I get in my game, the more it gets unplayable in certain situations (4 second freezes every fraction of a second). Seems to be especially the case when doing a (company) mission where some bad guys need to be dealt with, as soon as I jump in the sector where they are and as soon as I turn towards them and they come 'into the picture' (literally). It's almost garanteed to be the case when I jump in at reasonable close proximity (15 km) of a group of enemies in that situation. Mind you, I'm at a high fight skill rank (27) and am getting larger groups of enemies to deal with (2 to 5 cap + 50 to 100 fighters). Also, once the actual target is killed (the M2 mostly), very often the problem seems to dissipate, even more so as more enemies get destroyed.
The only way to get through this in this case is:
a. Alt-Tab, shut TC down and reload.
b. Plough through at a devestating time consuming rate.
Note: When this happens, the bar on the left, the frames around the two monitors, the HUD and the speed dials and such disappear. Map won't show any more. Saving is all but impossible. A key needs to be pressed several seconds in order for it to take effect.

Still, shouldn't be a problem: Intel dual core 3 Ghz, 3 GB RAM.
So I'm hoping I can get it solved with this FFDshow thing, which I have in the K-Lite Codec Pack.

Thx in advance for assistance.

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Post by iman360 » Fri, 3. Apr 15, 20:20

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Post by buddhaman001 » Sat, 21. Jul 18, 15:43

hello i just put x3tc on my computer thru steam I run the game and no voices from the game I don't seem to have ffdshow and I am not very good at messing with codes I have tried some of the fixes but no luck I have tried dshow viewer it shows that (mp3decoder dmo ) in red and i can not change it help me plaese i love this game and can't hear any sounds when flying in space

thanks ron [/img]

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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 21. Jul 18, 19:00

@ buddhaman001: Please post again as a new thread in the X3TC/AP Tech Sp forum but also include all the required information (especially the DxDiag) as listed in the first Announcement Sticky there.
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