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Posted: Wed, 28. Dec 16, 14:08
by tcnewbie
Sorry I made a mistake . Leonard Nimoy died in 2015. I got upset at
the news above.

Posted: Wed, 28. Dec 16, 14:20
by Golden_Gonads
pjknibbs wrote:Wow, 2016 really wanted to have a sting in its tail, didn't it? :(
It's not over yet.

Posted: Wed, 28. Dec 16, 16:13
by Ketraar
Indeed 2016 just does not want to end. For a leap year, it sure didn't skip over many great figures. :-(

Surprised Carry Fisher was "only" 60 given the near 40 year anniversary of A New Hope's release. Even though I'm not one of the major fans of the princess character, I recognise its status within the greatest of franchises.



Posted: Wed, 28. Dec 16, 16:30
by matthewfarmery
Well she was in her 20s when she did star wars, so she really wasn't that old at the time.

I always thought she did a pretty good job doing the role, but anyway, it's a sad time and a very sad year.

Posted: Thu, 29. Dec 16, 03:25
by burger1
Looks like Carrie Fishers Mom is in the hospital now. ... pitalized/

Posted: Thu, 29. Dec 16, 03:56
by felter
She has actually passed on now, just one day after her daughter, probably grief.

Posted: Thu, 29. Dec 16, 05:05
by Stars_InTheirEyes
Awful news. The family must be going through a horrible time. 2016 is turning out to be a sprint to the finish if you're a celebrity.

Posted: Thu, 29. Dec 16, 10:18
by Terre
Although it's not a good morning.

Singing in the Rain - Good Morning !!

Posted: Thu, 29. Dec 16, 12:05
by mrbadger
I like that movie. I didn't know her mum got famous at 19 too.

If Carrie had managed to avoid all the drugs and drink she would have lived longer most likely, but she didn't, nor was there anyone close enough to her to help her find another way to live with the fame.

Guess you don't want to get famous, seems like you get money and fame but lose real friendship and stability.

Posted: Thu, 29. Dec 16, 12:08
by Usenko
Fame is okay, but you need to be responsible enough to handle it.

That basically means being over 25 before it hits, which is problematic - most people become famous young.

Alternatively, it means having access to those with wisdom, but Hollywood has a tendency to take famous kids away from their parents. . .

Posted: Thu, 29. Dec 16, 12:59
by Cpt.Jericho
Sometimes the parents are as bad as the studio bosses. Worst of it is: If you don't shine in showbiz you'll find yourself on the wrong side of the door. On top of that celebrities can't form a support group similar to the anonymous alcoholics - can't be anonymous while being a celebrity, just won't work.

Rest in Peace, Debbie Reynolds.

Posted: Thu, 29. Dec 16, 15:20
by notaterran
Ketraar wrote:Surprised Carry Fisher was "only" 60 given the near 40 year anniversary of A New Hope's release.
I was surprised as well that she was only 60 when she died, she looked about the same age as Debbie Reynolds.


In any case, may they rest in peace.

Posted: Sat, 31. Dec 16, 13:13
by tcnewbie
Oh Dear,
We lost another famous person... ... ailsignout

No more Careless Whispers.

R.I.P George Michael.

Posted: Sat, 31. Dec 16, 16:22
by matthewfarmery
his death got posted a few posts back.

Posted: Sun, 1. Jan 17, 20:13
by Morkonan
It's my sad duty to inform...

"Father Mulcahy", aka William Christopher, has passed. ... index.html

M.A.S.H. was an American Sitcom about a medical unit during the Korean War, derived from the original movie "M.A.S.H." directed by Robert Altman. The series actually ran for longer than the real Korean War and maintained some of the highest ratings and largest viewing audiences of any American television show. It ran for 11 seasons and was nominated for over 100 Emmy's. William Christopher's performance was much beloved by the show's fans.

Episodes still air on American television to this day.

In Memoriam :