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XSE - The X Script Editor

Posted: Wed, 2. Nov 05, 02:22
by nuclear_eclipse
About XSE
The X Script Editor is my conception and implementation for an *external* script editor for the X series. It will be fully compatible with X2 and X3 scripts, either written ingame or from my editor. It will allow the user to work with an easy to learn GUI environment, including mouse support and normal windows functionality. It will have many features that go far beyond the capabilites of the ingame editor, simply because the interface is not tied directly to the game engine.

It is still very much a work in progress, but it is getting closer and closer to a usable environment. It started as a project for one of my software engineering courses, but now that the project is over with, I will still be dedicated to completing this program and releasing it to the needy hands of the community.

- Works with both X2 and X3, and future releases of the X series
- Accepts multiple installations of X2/X3 to allow editing for multiple mods/versions
- Tabbed Editing for simultaneous editing of multiple scripts
- Undo/Redo functions for those inevitable mistakes
- Multi-line cut/copy/paste, even between scripts/tabs
- Integrated M.S.C.I. Handbook references
- Better performance than the ingame editor

Preview screenshots:

The main script editor window, with a single script opened. Note the option to edit description, version, and script engine.

The preferences window, with repository editor open, and the File->Open dialog showing the usage of repositories.

Planned Features and Current Status:
- COMPLETE - Portable code base that can be run on any operating system environment
- COMPLETE - Compatible with both X2 and X3 scripts, and any engine versions
- COMPLETE - Work with multiple installation locations / versions
- COMPLETE - Allow the user to work with multiple scripts at once (tabs)
- PLANNING - Allow for undo and redo features
- PLANNING - Allow for multi-line copy and paste routines, possibly between tabs as well
- PLANNING - Access the M.S.C.I. Handbook from in the editor
- IDEA - Make active links from script code to the M.S.C.I. Handbook for quick lookup

Coding Tasks and Current Status:
- CODING - Interface with tabs, toolbar, key shortcuts, and basic operations
--- COMPLETE - Preferences, including author and repository information
--- PLANNING - M.S.C.I. Handbook information
--- PLANNING - Help documentation (HTML based)
- CODING - Basic file operations
--- COMPLETE - Create new scripts
--- COMPLETE - Open existing scripts
--- COMPLETE - Save current script
--- PLANNING - Save as...
--- TESTING - Save all
- CODING - Basic editor functionality
--- PLANNING - Undo / Redo
--- PLANNING - Copy / Cut / Paste
- CODING - Primary script editor functionality
--- TESTING - Load a script file and interpret the code
--- TESTING - Save a script file with minimum output for operability in X*
--- CODING - Create a dynamic script engine command list setup
--- PLANNING - Display script lines in editor with ability to edit individual lines
--- PLANNING - Allow the user to select (multiple) lines for editing together
--- IDEA - Output the XML code that shows scripts in browsers

Overall Progress:
- Frontend ( GUI ) : 75% done
- Backend : 50-60% done

This will be updated as necessary, when tasks/features change status, or here is new information for the public. Any and all feedback, questions, or whatever is welcome, and I will answer it soon as I am on these forums rather often.


Posted: Wed, 2. Nov 05, 04:58
by Galaxy613
Good luck Nuke! :D

Posted: Wed, 2. Nov 05, 12:32
by Xenon_Slayer
Cant wait! Should be good.

Posted: Wed, 2. Nov 05, 13:41
by JonusITA

another tool for us :)

Posted: Wed, 2. Nov 05, 17:08
by Red Spot
if its as good as you make me believe ..

Than I take off my head for you .. sir ..;)


Posted: Thu, 10. Nov 05, 22:35
by carran
Any update on this?

Posted: Fri, 18. Nov 05, 12:07
by Crypton
now that rocks! :) Look forward to this, thanks much for working on it :D

Posted: Fri, 18. Nov 05, 12:10
by unfunfofmpc
Good idea. Writing scripts in-game is a pain. If released in conjunction with my editor, should allow for much easier modding of the game.

Posted: Fri, 18. Nov 05, 12:47
by Deleted User
Good Idea.

Did you consider to make extern language files for easier translation of the GUI and also about work with different game languages?

Posted: Fri, 18. Nov 05, 13:14
by prodaytrader
hey too bad you cant get a little kick back from egosoft. Prehaps theres still hope for x4. Make sure to include some sort of limited license so that you can revoke all the licenses after a certain point and then maybe you can convience the suits to buy your program for x4 :)

Posted: Wed, 7. Dec 05, 16:54
by carran

Any update on this? care to release the source code if you're too busy to complete it?


Posted: Wed, 7. Dec 05, 17:42
by Galaxy613
carran wrote:Bump!

Any update on this? care to release the source code if you're too busy to complete it?

I rather have Nuke finnish it then anyone else. Plus Nuke has both the Syndicate mod AND X3RPM on his plate at the moment, X3RPM is the one thats going to be "finnished" soon so maybe soon he can continue work on this...

Posted: Wed, 7. Dec 05, 18:02
by carran
True - I'd rather he finished it too especially as I don't have the time to learn Java at the same time... It's just not the same as Oracle / Shell... :D

Any downloadable file available?

Posted: Sun, 22. Jan 06, 23:40
by zergfest90
Has any one seen a version of this yet?


Posted: Mon, 23. Jan 06, 01:00
by nuclear_eclipse
It's still in the works. I haven't released any versions of it yet, as it doesn't actually allow you to 'do' anything but change the scripts filename, version, and description. It's not quito at the top of my project pile right now, but once I get the next Syndicate release out the door, I'm gonna try my hand at completing this program.

At the same time, I'm also looking into possibly redoing this in C. I'd really like to be able to release a Windows-native executable, but I'm daunted at the task of trying to create any form of decent GUI in windows without having to do tons of MFC cookie-cutter bull****. I'd much prefer to actually *code* the interface like I can in Java rather than use VisStudio to place it and then try to decipher all their crap to find where to place all my code....

On that note, if anyone knows any *good* C/C++ GUI libraries that AREN'T from Microsoft, but work with Windows XP in mind, I'd love to know where to get it so I can take a look.