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Same thing different script...

Posted: Thu, 14. Jun 12, 22:52
by Turnus
Edit: Rewrote it...

Every other mod/script I install on Reunion has some kind of error.

Item's show up as "Ware-insert script mumbojumbo-" BBS message/message log messages show up as "ReadText-insert number and letter string-... EDIT: And I do have EMP installed.

Please if ANYONE knows why it's doing this, I'm currently using Cycrows installer, the latest version too. The ware thing is just a minor annoyance, the BBS/Message Log/interactive scripts going haywire is another thing all together.

EDIT: I've tried redownloading and reinstalling all of said scripts and no dice. I can't even use Xenon Migration or BBS extras and they are Cycrow's own scripts... I'm starting to wonder if it's my computer itself that is doing it somehow...

Ashley's mod regular [MOD - Fake patched] (works just names are screwed up)

Complex cleaner [MOD - Fake Patched] Author made the version I'm using compatible to ashley's mod.

Add Jumpdrives and Transporters to EQ-Dock (works perfectly)

Rougey's Mod [MOD - Fake Patched] It works though I am unsure if it is the cause behind the naming issues, it is not expressed compatible, but she said if the game/save loads up properly it might be compatible.

Note: According to Cycrows installer / Mod merger none of them have conflicting files/compatibility issues.

Posted: Fri, 15. Jun 12, 10:24
by X2-Illuminatus
EDIT: And I do have EMP installed.
That might be the problem. Which Plugin Manager version are you using? I'm not that sure about the old version, but the Plugin Manager Lite comes with its own version of EMP. So an additional install of EMP might cause problems.

Posted: Fri, 15. Jun 12, 10:56
by Turnus
To rephrase EMP is built into one of the scripts I believe Roguey's mod, as for actually having it installed I don't think I do, (this is kinda confusing), anyway thanks for taking the time to look at this again, I still haven't got any of the other scripts working properly either... X3R greatly dislikes me.

It just hit me... I have NO problems with X2/X3TC scripts, but it seems like reunion mods don't work, could my installation (the game itself) be messed up in someway?