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[SCR] Ammo / Missile Watcher

Posted: Sat, 30. Aug 08, 05:56
by Gazz
(Das entsprechende deutsche Topic ist hier.)

AL Plugin, that keeps track of consumables
...and tells me before I run out. =)
  • This is for the playership only.
  • If the available number of the currently installed missile changes, Betty speaks up. (so you know she's paying attention)
    If the number is < 10 she also tells you how many are remaining.
    If she omits the number you have: many.

    She also skips the "installed". You should know by now that a missile is "installed" when you select it.
  • If you have an installable laser on board that uses ammo, she is watching that, too.
    Whenever the amount of ammunition changes and is < 10, Betty tells you.

    This watchlist is not dynamically refreshed.
    If you bring a new kind of ammo using laser on board you have to leave / change the ship for a few seconds.
  • EC can be watched for you.
    By turning the AL Plugin on/off multiple times you can adjust when (or if at all) Betty should notify you.

    I sure like my afterburner but running out of jump fuel in the middle of a khaak sector is no fun.
Image (ZIP)

This script here does something similiar but not everything I wanted and not the way I wanted. =)

Resources used:
Task ID 781 on the playership.