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[Bonus Plugin] Attack Rocks Command

Posted: Fri, 5. Oct 07, 03:09
by moggy2
Name: Attack Rocks Command
Version: 2.10
Date: 5.8.2007
Scripter: Bunny

This command instructs a ship to break up or destroy rocks.

  • The ship will either break rocks if it has Fight Software Mk1. This behaviour can be changed to destroy all rocks if Fight Software Mk2 is installed.
  • Rocks can be broken or destroyed both in and out of sector
  • The ship will first uses its scanner to search for rocks. If no suitable ones are found then it will check for any within satellite range. If it still cannot final any then it will execute a random search of the sector.
  • Turret with greatest fire power is used.
  • If the ship collides with a rock then it will wait for its shield to recharge before continuing.
  • Pilot fees charged per game hour:
    • TS/TP 400 Cr
    • M5 200 Cr
    • M4 600 Cr
    • M3 1000 Cr
    • M6/M7/TL 2000 Cr
    • M1/M2 10000 Cr
    • If the player cannot pay then the pilot waits 10-20 minutes
  • Satellite deployment. The ship will check if the rocks it finds are outside of satellite coverage. If they are then it will deploy an on-board satellite. The ship will not purchase or load satellites, the player has to stock the ship.
  • Seeks out navigational beacons deployed by mobile mining ships and breaks rocks near it (symbiotic action).
  • A ship running Attack Rocks can be forced to concentrate on breaking/destroying rocks of single mineral type by placing the word "Ore", "Silicon" or "Nividium" in the ship name.

  • Required:
  • Mineral Scanner
  • Fight Mk1 software (break rocks)

  • Triplex scanner (improves search performance)
  • Satellites (improve search performance)
  • Fight Mk2 software (destroy rocks)
  • The more fire power a ship has the faster it can break/destroy rocks OOS
  • The script was designed for use on TS/TP/M5/M4/M3/M6/M7 ships. Being in sector with a TL/M1/M2 running this command is not a good idea.
  • Do not apply too many engine tunings to fast ships such as M5s. Inertia during high speed turns leads to collisions.
  • This script does not attack map asteroids.
Known issues:
  • Turret commands can stop the ship firing. Keep them off while running this script.
  • A ship running in break mode will find it increasingly more difficult to find rocks to break if a sector already contains many collectible fragments. Ensure that there are enough collecting/mobile mining ships in the sector to prevent this becoming a problem.

Posted: Wed, 17. Oct 07, 21:01
by jlehtone
Hmm. Tomorrow is Thursday. Why does that make me think "yellow"?

The traffic in so many sectors has been hampered by rubble. But no more. The new Pan-Galactic Super-Highway will cure all problems. And the best of it, somebody else will cite the poems for you. Just send your bulldozers ... I mean Hyperions over to do the dirty work. :twisted: Too bad they don't come in yellow. :cry:

But myself, I have drop of Teladi blood. I'd rather call the MM/MCS to wipe the last bit of dust. Saves the price of Fight Mk2.

Posted: Tue, 23. Oct 07, 11:37
by ZingFreelancer
I got this sorta problem in savage spurve... I build a weapon complex. They had good asteroids with good ore and silicon yeld... But after time I desidet to make a new high way to a gate... Since trafic got greatly enchanted when you think of MASS production of all kind of weapons and no resourses is needet.

The problem I run into is that when I broke to much of rocks into small collectabel pieces, I got a HUGE FPS drop. Yes, I started lagging on a C2D 2.8 and x1900GT with 2g ram... After some time I found out that PSG are very good at finishing the job of destroying the smallest rocks. But it is still to much time taking.

My question is that, do this scrip breake all rocks until they are gone or only into small pieces so they can get collected. I do wish thous stupid rocks gone.

Posted: Tue, 23. Oct 07, 13:12
by SymTec ltd.
Please only post one question in one topic.

With the correct settings (!), this script destroys the rocks. If, however, you do not (!) have the Fight Command Software MK2 installed, the ship will only break, but not destroy the rocks, which will lead to a performance decrease.

Posted: Sat, 27. Oct 07, 16:46
by jackhanna88
Ive installed the bonus pack, have fight software both 1 and 2 installed, along with a mineral scanner and duplex scanner, yet cannot find either the "break rocks" or "attack rocks" in any of my submenus.

Is there anything else I should be doing? Feel a bit stupid asking, to be honest.

Posted: Sat, 27. Oct 07, 17:49
by Stu Austin
In the command menu, under "Combat" (where it says attack all enemies) there is a command "break up asteroids". Click on it and follow the prompts. :)

Posted: Sat, 27. Oct 07, 19:48
by jackhanna88
Cheers pal. I'll have another look for that.

Been giving the mining software a quick go, trying to work out what would clear a sector quickest though - the balance of ship speed and gun size really.

Posted: Mon, 29. Oct 07, 10:14
by jlehtone
An idea appeared (and hence must be both infeasible and impossible):

How about a "Attack Rocks" turret command? I know the free commands are a limited resource, but is the pressure as high on turret slots?

* Obviously, the command would run only in sector.
* Require "Fight Mk1" (and Mineral Scanner).
* Optional: "Fight Mk2" to get destroy mode.
* Turret fires at any rock it can shoot at.

One could just fly/tell to move to position and then let all turrets open fire. Think of Odysseus in thick mud. No ship movement, so no collision avoidance problems. Requires multiple turrets. Use of GPSG is efficient in destroy mode, but lossy on break mode. Limited to in sector, but available both in player ship and AI ships.

Posted: Tue, 30. Oct 07, 15:07
by Bunny
The code to do this is awkward, AFAIK it is not possible to check if a target is in the arc of the turret. The game code controls whether the ship or turret is moved to open fire on the rock.

I did make a change in the existing code that means a small ship will not move to a new position when destroying rocks (it would roll around to each one in range). However, this is not good for a large ship.

Posted: Tue, 30. Oct 07, 15:54
by Shovinus
Moggy i have a request for you to make a script for us at emx
I have messed with trying to get this to work but glitches keep appering which i cant quite figure out

Basically we wish to design a special script for some mining drones that are attached (not physically) to a larger TL sized mining ship

The drones are meant to go out and then collect the collectable rocks
If their cargo bays are full they dock at the ming ship and deposit their ore/silicon
If they run out of collectable rocks they use their little lasers to break up the rocks until they can collect them and then continue this keeps repeating until the mining ship is full, at which point all drones should dock and the mining ship should report it is full.
It should not destriy any normal asteroids that can have stations put on them unless told otherwise to, in which case the mining ship should launch a single hornet missile at the asteroid when there is nothing else to try and mine.

Do you think you would be able to make this? It would be a greate help to us and I am sure other people would love to mess with it aswell once you finish. It would be a brilliant way to clean up sectors without having to acutally collect it all yourself or destroy the rocks losing proffiiiitttssss

Posted: Wed, 31. Oct 07, 16:17
by jlehtone
Bunny wrote:The code to do this is awkward, AFAIK it is not possible to check if a target is in the arc of the turret.
Thought so. :(

Would a Centaur with four MDS on her nose count as "large ship"? ;)

Posted: Wed, 31. Oct 07, 17:46
by Bunny
Mining drones EVE style

The script can only see debris object and not rocks. That means the only way we can get a ship to fly to a rock is to use collection code - problem with this is the ship would need a cargo bay that can load ore/silicon.

On a slight tangent - the EVE approach to mining with a strip miner could be simulated in X3. Shooting the rock and "collecting the dust" method would mean just adding a yield defined amount of mineral to the cargo bay for each fragment shot.

Perhaps we can use the existing fighters as "mining drones". Fit them with a transporter device and they instantaneously beam the minerals to a TS ship as they blast the rocks. Or the TS blast away itself and collect.

Just ideas atm :)

Posted: Wed, 31. Oct 07, 20:14
by Nanook
So, if I'm understanding this right, with FCMk I, you only break up rocks, but if you add FCMk II, you can only destroy rocks? Why not have both options available if you have both softwares installed? Otherwise, if I decide I want to just break up the rocks, and I have both installed, I have to eject my FCMk II software? That seems .... extreme! :o

And yes, there are times when I want either one or the other option available for the same ship. Having to constantly replace an ejected, and most likely lost, FCMk II would be a pain. :(

Posted: Thu, 1. Nov 07, 00:53
by Shovinus
Well actually I got this to work they would shoot the rocks using the collector script, however only up to a certain size if I remember, and they collected and deposited. I gave them a large enough cargo bay to hold about 10 silicon before it had to dock at the mother ship.
It looked really cool aswell, all these little miners wizzing around collecting the ore, but like I said there were glitches, and I have lost the work i did now because my hard drive went down.
I would prefer a professional to mess about with this as there are alot of things I dont get.

Posted: Mon, 12. Nov 07, 13:40
by jlehtone
Nanook wrote:Otherwise, if I decide I want to just break up the rocks, and I have both installed, I have to eject my FCMk II software? That seems .... extreme! :o
My guess is that the design had "dedicated ships for dedicated tasks" in mind. A way to save command slots and keep command arguments simpler. Works fine for factory traders, and for dedicated miners.

But Nanook has a point there. At least M5 Raiders, M3 Sentinels, and M2s cannot break rocks. Ever. They have built-in Fight Mk2, so they would destroy. Well, M5-R and M2 are not so ideal anyway, but Falcon Sentinel could be. Almost had a squad of them in BAR-duty, when spotted this restriction. So they are now back in HQ-bar-duty. ;)