[Bonus Plugin] Attack Rocks Command

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Post by kotekzot » Sat, 15. Dec 07, 19:26

it would be great to have an option to simply break rocks with fight command mk 2 installed. how much time does it take to input 0 or 1 into a box and hit enter?

i think there's a problem. i have 3 miners in the sector, 1 ship breaking rocks and an advanced satellite hanging around a bunch of juicy rocks, ready for breaking. unfortunatelly, the fighter just keeps flying between nav beacons of the miners (around which there are no rocks to break), completely ignoring the satellite and the rocks around it.

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Post by Mietitore » Tue, 8. Jan 08, 13:03

My "attack roks" command is unlighted... the only one....

I have M7 ship (pontifex) with all addons required and optional
with a m3 and a m3+ docked in hangar

Combat Mk1
Combat Mk2
Mineral scanner
triple scanner
and so on...

can anyone help me? :(

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Post by Skyblade » Wed, 9. Jan 08, 09:57

what is the smallest weapon type to use with the break rocks command?
i have a mako with 2 bpac's and i got a message that they were not power full enough to break rocks

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Post by bounty_hunter66 » Tue, 29. Jan 08, 23:40

where is this command suposed to be?

I cand find it anywhere and i have mineral scanner and fight comand

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Post by Tranzdog » Tue, 19. Feb 08, 17:50

Make sure you are using the bonus pack 3.1.07. I had 3.1.05 and it does not work there. So download the newest B pack and try that.

works great now :)

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Post by leyo » Thu, 10. Apr 08, 11:06


First, i'm french so excuse me for all mistakes...

I ask again the question about the break/destroy ast. cause i didn't see nowhere a great answer, or i didn't understood.

Does the DESTROY mode destroy ast until there are no more collectable fragments(?) ?

Or just until the fragments become collectable ?

Thanks for your answer .

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Post by Carlo the Curious » Thu, 10. Apr 08, 11:21

Destroy mode attacks until there are no more fragments.

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Post by leyo » Thu, 10. Apr 08, 11:31

Oooohh s....

So if i want these ts to "prepare" the sector for roks collect, bye bye fcmk2 ?

Thanks a lot !!

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Re: [Bonus Plugin] Attack Rocks Command

Post by Capt_Newbie » Wed, 4. Jun 08, 02:56

moggy2 wrote:Name: Attack Rocks Command
Version: 2.10
Date: 5.8.2007
Scripter: Bunny

This command instructs a ship to break up or destroy rocks.

  • The ship will either break rocks if it has Fight Software Mk1. This behaviour can be changed to destroy all rocks if Fight Software Mk2 is installed.
  • Rocks can be broken or destroyed both in and out of sector
  • The ship will first uses its scanner to search for rocks. If no suitable ones are found then it will check for any within satellite range. If it still cannot final any then it will execute a random search of the sector
Two things I have to say about this:
The first is that 'break rocks' and 'destroy rocks' are such clearly self explanatory descriptions of two processes with very different outcomes that it is odd that what ends up being used in the menu is 'Break Asteroid...' and 'Break Up Asteroids...' respectively. That's a steep (and expensive) learning curve for anyone trying their hand at setting a ship with FC Mk1 and 2 installed to breaking rocks into collectable chunks, As I just learned to my cost. 'Break Rocks'... 'Destroy Rocks'... It couldn't be much simpler, but I guess changing this would mean another patch that might push my computer over the edge...

Secondly, I'm not clear on this scanner business. I know that my mineral scanner has a range of about 10k, not the range of the basic scanner, let alone the Triplex scanner recommended to go with this command. Satellites also don't come equipped with 'roid/rock scanning capabilities, generally (rocks don't even show up on sector scanners), so how does this work, other than a new command magically turning navigational aids into high-powered mineral scanners?
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Post by Bunny » Wed, 4. Jun 08, 23:34

Best to forget about the mineral scanner and just think of the rocks being in observation range of your ship or any satellites in the system.

The reasons for letting satellites see rocks were two fold:

1. It enables you to cover more of the sector so the ship will not have to wander around randomly looking for rocks

2. Placing multiple satellites in a system can help spread out multiple mining and/or rock breaking ships. Which keeps things efficient if one had the wild idea of dropping 50 mining ships in one sector.

As for menu names, maybe "pulverize rocks" would have been better than "break rocks" :gruebel:



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Post by Nanook » Wed, 4. Jun 08, 23:52

Ship scanner vs. mineral scanner: The ship scanner lets you detect things within its range. 10km basic, 20 km duplex, 30 km triplex. Satellites are slightly better, with Navigation Relay Satellite = 25 km and Advanced Satellite = 35 km. All the mineral scanner does is let you determine what composition asteroids/rocks have, be they ore, silicon or nividium. Think of the mineral scanner as a very directional beam that interacts with asteroids one at a time to determine their composition, with a max range of 10 km, whereas a ship's scanner is a spherical detector that detects all objects within range, and uses the ship's computer to id them from an onboard database. However, it's not designed to actually detect mineral composition. It can only compare an asteroid/rock to its onboard database to see if it's been previously scanned.

If this was the real world, I'd compare the ship scanners to radar, and the mineral scanner to a laser beam that boils off small bits of the asteroid and uses a spectrum analyzer to determine mineral content.

In regards to the mobile miners, they use their ship scanners to locate likely rocks, then the mineral scanners to determine mineral content. Remember, rocks don't show up on the map, and so aren't part of a ship's database. Consequently, the mobile miner has to first detect them with his ship scanner before he can scan them with his mineral scanner.

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Post by jlehtone » Thu, 5. Jun 08, 08:08

Technically, it does not matter what you have, because coordinate of point is all you need to retrieve objects near the point. And location of a Satellite is a coordinate. But for immersion, Nanook's explanation is very elegant.
Bunny wrote:As for menu names, maybe "pulverize rocks" would have been better than "break rocks" :gruebel:
Depends on how one thinks it. The default action is:
* Break non-collectible rocks and destroy collectible rocks of yield 0.

And by addition of the FCS Mk2:
* Break non-collectible rocks and destroy collectible rocks of any yield.

So semantically Break Rocks with Mk2 does all that it does already without Mk2, and then some. In practice though this added functionality generates a result entirely unlike the original.

AFAIK it is not really possible to dynamically change the "name" you do see on a menu. And the number of menu entries is very finite, so use of more menu entries than absolutely necessary will prevent other scripts having menu entries. People do have already more than enough problems with script conflicts. It is still a lesser evil to bear with unintuitive names for commands than to be forced to choose between multiple scripts which to install into the game.

Most script authors probably believe that the names they do use are intuitive, because the names are intuitive to them, and because none of the initial (beta)testers had a need (or bothered) to point out ways to improve the names. These scripts are made by volunteers and tested by volunteers. And volunteers do not necessarily cover views of all potential users accurately.
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Post by claud2000 » Sun, 29. Jun 08, 03:18

Hi all , I just finish the BalaGi mission. and get my HQ . I want to place it at sector Savage Spur. but there are many many asteroids in it . I want to remove those asteroids which contain low mineal.
First I use thundbolt missle to break the asteroid which can be observed on sector map, it split into several rocks .
then I want to use Attack rocks script to clear the rocks . but it doesn't work . the ship is Elispe . equipped with FCS Mk 1 and FCS Mk 2 ,and mineral scanner .
In command list there is only " break up asteroid " .I choose it but the ship doesnot work , it fly for a while and stop and do nothing . what's wrong ? who can help me ?

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Post by herocrafter » Mon, 4. Aug 08, 07:09

Something I've always wondered about here is the line in the readme that states: Turret with greatest fire power is used. Will the ship use more than one turret if the the firepower is the same; say a buster w/ 6 apacs?

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Post by jlehtone » Mon, 4. Aug 08, 07:39

Only one turret. But the fixed front guns of Buster are "one turret".

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