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[XTM - GAMEPLAY] Gameplay discussion for Xtended Mod

Post by moggy2 » Fri, 27. Jul 07, 04:54

About this Thread

This thread is for discussions and chat about playing the XTM mod. If you have a question about a specific mission or type of ship post it here.

If you have a technical problem with XTM, are having problems installing it, or think you've found a bug please post in the [XTM - TECH. SUPPORT] thread instead.

Why 2 threads? The shear volume of new posts related to this mod made containing it to one thread unworkable. With 2 threads we've split the discussions into two distinct types; those who want to talk about playing XTM and those who need technical help getting XTM to run properly. hopefully these two threads will better server the needs of the community.

The old thread can be viewed here.

About XTM

The Xtended Mod is a fan made modification for X3 that expands on the original universe in many ways.

- an incredible 90 new universe sectors, including the Terran Solar System and new race sectors
- over 90 new ships from all races, including the M0 and a selection of ships remodelled and brought back from X2
- new in-game effects, from weapons to soundtracks to planets
- new commands, new stations, new wares and commodities, even new ship types.

and much, much more.

A fuller list of features is available in the [XTM - TECH. SUPPORT] thread, along with information of installing XTM.

For further details about the Xtended Mod visit the Xtended Mod forums which include a set of FAQ's


Downloads: Egosoft host the download but do not support it, you should check the Xtended Mod forums to check for new versions and dedicated support

Further Information:

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Post by Deleted User » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 04:07

Great!....thanks for this, it's going to stop a lot of cross-post confusion (Vanilla/XTM/S&M-general).

I've got a question (spoilers appreciated in answers - if any)

Done various missions, seen various probs (bugs/unfinished-bits),
but mainly great fun & mostly completable.
But, the
Boron Angel mission has me confused, even after reading a minor walk-thru on TheXUniverse:
'Fly octopus to pirate courier rendevous, get warned not to follow him, so
1 don't follow, & mission aborts 'you lost them'
2 follow & get shot at, kill courier & follow Galleon closely.... it docks at shipyard... nada, nothing else happens
What am I missing?

(btw this thread says started Fri, 27. Jul 07, 03:54, but this is the first time
I've noticed it - presumable a lag in setting-up the thread, or am I getting sticky blindess?)

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Post by JMCorp » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 04:51

Dave Toome wrote: (btw this thread says started Fri, 27. Jul 07, 03:54, but this is the first time
I've noticed it - presumable a lag in setting-up the thread, or am I getting sticky blindess?)
moderators have private boards. they can create a thread like this, take their time getting it set up then move it to the forum they want it in after it's all nice and formatted. which is probably what happened here.

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Post by Algoran » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 05:18

Dave Toome: Basically,

Dont kill the courier - he docks at the galleon, then the princess or whoever it was launches from it :)

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Post by avicenna » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 05:48

Dave Toome
Pirate warns you not to follow him, but the point of the mission is to follow him. So the solution, follow at a distance and don't get caught.
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Xenon Station Spawning?

Post by spoidz » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 06:18

Just a quick question and an observation.

Are the Xenon stations set to respawn if you destroy them in Allied race sectors? I keep killing one that seems to act like the "12th" pirate station that has to exist somewhere at all times. Or are Xenon stations now part of the "roaming Xenon patrols" that I have heard discussed.?

One thing I don't seem to find in the XTm forums is the level of detail we have for Vanilla universe for things like station stats, wares, and weapons. I thought Xtm was being played for a while now but there don't seem to be the kinds of lists for stats/guides etc that we have here.

I have started a new XTM game with a vanilla plot start (never finished vanilla plot). Is XTM meant to have us find all that stuff as we explore? I wouldn't mind but most of the new items don't seem to have even any info in the ware screens (at least to me) and the fact that they haven't had time to update Betty and things like Sector Planner don't work yet for XTM. I know about the Terran data that must be acquired.

Are there guides somewhere that I can't find? The XTM manual is rather bare.

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Post by Deleted User » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 09:54

Algoran, avicenna
OK thanks for that, I'll guess I'll have to try a delayed follow-on, cheers :)

spoidz, I get that I think it's cos I keep accepting the offered missions & forgetting to finish them,
or am I thinking of the Xenon-core one?

I think most XTM players are too busy finding things & playing to write guides,
there are some very specific ones (like HCF stuff)

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Post by Leke » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 14:33

I had this problem with the boron angel mission. When i take the octopus to the angel i got the location where i need to meet the pirates and the location was: split fire and the cordinates was something like x: 30, y: 0, z: 30.

Now tell me what is wrong with those cordinates? :rofl: :lol:

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Post by pjknibbs » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 15:26

The coordinates are picked at random, and looks like you got a set that was inside the planet in Split Fire. I would imagine a different random location will be chosen if you reload from before you started the mission and try again.

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XTM and the Terran Sectors

Post by Dark Tech » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 17:58

So.. restarted after the mod was released. How can you gain entry to the terrans sectors now that the I have completed the plot??

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Post by Deleted User » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 18:54

Go to options, game-play, artificial-life-settings and set 'Add terrans to non-plot game' to Yes.
At least with non-plot....

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Post by Deleted User » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 21:42

to save frustration for anyone else doing Boron Angel:
after passing ransom to pirate elite, if you change ships
(a must I think), if you change to a ship that can dock an M5
DON'T dock the octopus....this is what kept on keeping me from
succeeding - the elite detects the octopus even if docked & the mission
will fail

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Post by Under God » Mon, 30. Jul 07, 02:30

I installed XTM, and I really love all the new ships and goodies...

But I found the additions to be a real slower downer of my frame rate.

So I unfortunatly can't really play it until I upgrade my specs (since normal X3 runs fine for me)...

Any chance I can find a place that has the .xsp files for some of the bigger ships (which is what I really wanted)? So that I may have those, yet pass on the slower frames?

Personally I think the engine trails are what caused the frames, that and I was in Argon prime with the new shipyard which is... impressivly big.

I dont like engine trails anyway because you cannot really use most ships in 3rd person(err ship?) view since the camera just gets clouded in exhaust... lol... anyway since this is space should exhaust really cloud? Shouldnt it dispears or not exist in the first place?
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Post by Persh0 » Mon, 30. Jul 07, 02:54

Exhaust makes it easier to keep track of ships on-screen.

And looks pretty.

Mainly looks pretty.

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Post by Under God » Mon, 30. Jul 07, 02:56

yes, I agree exhuast trails look pretty normally (expecially on missles) I just prefer it wasnt on the player ship since I cruise around in 3rd person most the time and the trail hits right into the camera.

Anyway, any clues on what is causing the framo dropo? Normal X3 runs like a champ.
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