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[SCRIPTS] Public Service Announcement* by BOF 2007-05-09 - updated 2008-03-30

Posted: Wed, 9. May 07, 16:01
by B-O'F
Remember the cardinal rules of the X-Universe:-

- Keep the X-universe clean - take home all the things you can find*

- Be Green - recycle

- Assist those who need help*

BOF would like to suggest some products* that will assist you in your endeavours to comply with these rules.

All products mentioned are guaranteed to be worth at least 10 times the price you pay.*
All products mentioned carry a lifetime guarantee.*
All the software is free - some have a small charge for their use.*

All the suggested products (apart from two) are available at Xai-Corporation ( Thank you moggy2.

Clear the litter - keep the X-universe clean

Rid the universe of those SQUASH mines that have been left all over the place - use Find Squash Mines - you can either plot them on your nav. map or destroy them (those around a certain ship will not be destroyed).

Collect Astronauts - do not leave those poor astronauts to a long, boring space ordeal in their smelly spacesuits.
Be kind, 'rescue' them, then see their tears of joy (???) when you reunite them with their fellow pirates.
Gladly accept the reward offered.
Collect Astronauts - Bonus Pack version

When visiting pirate stations to 'return' the 'rescued' astronauts, use Hide Licenses I would have expanded this to hide some of your funds, but returning the money would hurt me too much....

Collect the ships that pilots have abandoned, Really use System Override Software helps you to collect these ships in your TL or carrier - please do not leave litter in the X-universe.

Even better - impound ships that overstay your parking time limits with Ship Clamper

Collect the drones that your ships have left around the universe - just one key to collect them - with BOF Drones

Even better, you can also collect the drones that other people have left around - use BOF Drones Plus for one key launch of your drones, and one key to retrieve them.. if none of your drones are around, the collect key will allow collection of other people's drones...

Be really green and recycle all the goods from the ships that you have collected - use Remote Docked Freight Transfer to transfer wares and upgrades to your other ships.

Keep the reource or product stock levels in your factories at the optimum level - use Maintain Product Quantity

Keep your money safe - use BOF Bank for very easy and flexible access.

While on about stations, you can use Start/Stop station to control production at a station. It will only work on single stations - not complexes - and is available as a published script, not downloadable.

Want to check what some of your assets are worth - then use Prices of all wares to get a log file listing the average, minimum and maximum prices of ALL wares (including stations and ships) in your universe. The wares listed will include those for any mods or scripts installed.

And for the ultimate in recycling:-
- scripts that you can use when creating your own scripts Sorts and Strings for useful sort functions (alpha and numeric, linked arrays, 2-D arrays etc.)

String Maths for arithmetic operations on numeric strings - including signed strings and decimals.

Also have a read of Numeric Entry for some rather interesting ways of getting input from a user.

See for a list of the commands in the Script Editor (to 2.0.02)

All my scripts are available for your own modifications or use in other projects, all I ask is that if you change them you also change the name to stop any chance of breaking the published scripts.

All donations gratefully received - contact us at our website - Xww.Hello Sucker.big.con

Legal Bits*:-
- All the required legal disclaimers (4,000 pages), your rights (one word), etc. are in this micro black dot > .
- When viewed with some browsers, this micro black dot may appear white, in which case you lose all your rights.
- A quantum black dot reader is required to read all the very fine print, this will be supplied upon request.
- Any requests for a quantum black dot reader must be made, in person, to :- (address withheld by request).

* Notes (in no particular order):-

- All recommendations are totally biased - what else do you expect?

- No command slots were harmed in the development of any products

- Public Service Announcements are cheaper than advertisements

- Morally reforming pirates doesn't work - I am pleased to say, but reforming them into dust clouds does work.

- All complaints will be totally ignored, apart from invoking the termination clause - yours.

- Lifetime Guarantee terminates with your termination

- 100% of any money received is paid directly into the "Help make the Ol Fh'art much richer Fund"

- The best things in life are free - to me, not to you

- If an error causes your small charge to become a large sum, then thank you very much

- All your credits now belong to me - or they soon will

- The quantum black dot reader was developed from the Black Spot reader - see "Treasure Island" for details on Black Spot

- Some competing products may exist, but as I don't get any money from them, they are not mentioned.

- Some competing products may be better - they are definitely not mentioned

- Legal summary:- 'whatever happens - I win, you lose.'

Published on behalf of the Campaign to make BOF even richer.

BOF software is designed to be different, so is this 'List of my scripts'.

Sponsored by BOF, currently somewhere in the X-universe in his specially commissioned LX Luxury Cruiser

Boron - Ol Fh'art

Posted: Wed, 9. May 07, 20:30
by Squelch
Hi B-O'F,

Thanks for posting this. It truely is an excellent body of work. It seems every one of your posts contain a pearl of wisdom and/or humour. I now know why I couldn't find start/stop station as a download. It didn't exist.

I do have a couple of complaints. First my black dot has turned red and is a little sore, and second why didn't I wait for this before searching out and bookmarking them all first.

May I have a refund? :)

Posted: Thu, 10. May 07, 00:05
by B-O'F
Hi Squelch,

The Start/stop station script was written before I had any way of hosting - so it was just posted as a do-it-yourself script.. it still works, as I have it on my machine - but it does not work, as written, with complexes - that can be changed..

The wisdom is not really there - just your lack sees it as such.. the humour, depends.. my way of looking at things is a little bit warped(??) and extremely cynical (What, in this day and age? and with all those lovely politicians and advertisers giving us such glowing examples of truth and honesty ???????)..

Regarding your complaints.. have you seen a speciaist ? If your black dot has turned red, it means that you are overdrawn.. the soreness is something else... The bookmarks I can do nothing about, but if the mark is in pencil (not the standard issue crayon) then an eraser normally works.

As you were the first to post with a comment, then you win - not only a refund of the full purchase price of the software - but you also get a free software package of your choice from this published list.. how generous is that??

Please enjoy using my software, and remember to send me some credits to help me in my bid to get even richer...

Boron - Ol Fh'art

Posted: Sun, 30. Sep 07, 01:54
by defiant1
This is exactly how i am (the PSA)...good one BoF...(yes I have a slight sinicial way of looking at things my self...)

Pirate? what pirate...oh u mean that cloud of dust and space suit remains...oops...

Posted: Sun, 30. Sep 07, 14:03
by B-O'F
Hi defiant1,

I am not really cynical, I am a realist. This was something that I learned a very long time ago, in fact I remember that my manager at the time mentioned it about 40 years ago - he said that I was the youngest cynic that he had met. Self-interest is a survival trait for the person - by definition.

If someone offers you something, find out what is in it for them - if it is a politician, then you can almost guarantee that they want unrestricted access to your wallet.

I offer these scripts for use as-is, to study (you can learn from them, they are normally fairly well documented - mainly to remind me what the heck I was doing) or for use in your own scripts - a process sometimes called copyleft, as I am not enforcing the copyright laws. What do I get out of it? Fame, fortune and the chance to learn more when someone finds an error - and yes, that does happen, finding errors I mean - not the first two.

I admit that I like the slightly evil way of looking at things, adds a bit more spice to the game - and to real life, but I can get way with more in the X-Universe (well, you don't really expect me to admit otherwise, do you?). This was why I put out this slightly different 'My Scripts', and I enjoyed putting the thing together - there were a lot more Notes that I did not include.

Anyway, enough rambling, just enjoy the scripts if you use them, enjoy other scripts if you don't use mine - there are some really good ones out there, I wish that I had thought of them.

Boron - Ol Fh'art

Posted: Sun, 30. Sep 07, 23:50
by defiant1
yep...just like me...realist and all...I perfer getting things done in the more logicial order (and hate it when people tell me things i already know of...)...but I like thies scripts especally the retreave fighter drones i can pick up the little homeless guys that lost thier first owner...(and borrow others that are trying to come after me)

Posted: Mon, 1. Oct 07, 11:37
by B-O'F
Hi defiant1,

Yes, the fine art of corrupt... er, converting fighter drones.

That lovely warm feeling when you tidy up the mess that someone has left.

That lovely warm feeling you get from giving abandoned drones a new home.

That lovely warm feeling when you send some converted drones to 'thank' the previous owner for his donation.

But best of all, that lovely warm feeling in your wallet when you think of all those lovely credits.

Boron - Ol Fh'art