[SCRIPT] Ship Claim System MK1 - v1.02 2007-02-21

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Post by Greg_G » Sun, 25. Feb 07, 20:04

reinhart_menken wrote:It doesn't seems to be a bug at all. I've found that my drones can perform all the special commands added by my scripts =/ Now I don't know what's up with that.
B-O'F has graciously explained to me how to resolve the fighter drone issue. I'll include that fix in the next version of the SCS. Thanks again B-O'F!
howd' u change the color...I WANT A COLOR MOD
That's neumanf15's HUD mod.
The good news is that the SCS is named correctly and works fine. Love it.
Glad to hear it!

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Post by neumanf15 » Sun, 25. Feb 07, 23:42

You can find the most current version of my hud mod here. And no, there's only one color set.

EDIT: Looked again, it actually is the current version of my mod in my previous post. I can't keep these things straight!

To keep on topic: Thanks for the awesome script, Greg_G.

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Post by neumanf15 » Sun, 4. Mar 07, 06:49

Found an issue... My Elephant was set to claim ships. I looked at the sector map and saw that he was well away from the ships... then I figured out why:

Image (Blue is player-owned in my world)

So I looked at the other astronauts running around and found ONE:

Not sure if this was caused by another script.

So my question: Would it be possible to put a line in your script to have it NOT try to pick up astronauts? I'm assuming you have it hunt down "No Pilot" anythings...

Thanks for the great script!

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Post by Greg_G » Sun, 4. Mar 07, 19:46

Hah! That's pretty crazy and really shouldn't happen. SCS won't try to pick anything up that has anything running in Task 0, and I'd think astronauts all have a task 0 to try to get to a station. So I'm guessing this was a fluke. But I can't say that with any surety.

But it wouldn't be hard to add a special check to avoid astronauts. I'm right in the middle of a non-X3 related programming project. If this happens again (even just one more time) let me know and I'll get a fix out right away. Otherwise, I'll hold off until I have a little more time.

Thanks for letting me know.

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Post by neumanf15 » Sun, 4. Mar 07, 21:13

No rush. I knew the screenies would be good for a laugh. Whenever you need to do an update for anything else is soon enough.

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Post by arcana75 » Wed, 25. Apr 07, 03:55

Ooo I just discovered this, posted about wanting to write one myself, glad I didn't have to!


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Post by Grims » Fri, 15. Jun 07, 23:54

I bought the software, and it worked great. But then my ship with the software on it went and got him self killed with out me noticing.

I have waited 3 game days (and one all night SETA) and none of the pirate bases in the universe are restocking the product. The ware still shows up, named properly, but there is simply no stock.

Any ideas?

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Post by Gqqnbig » Wed, 31. Jul 13, 03:21

The script uses hard coded name of "no pilote".

In other languages, the script will not find any ships.

Besides, can you add a feature that if the second parameter is a ship with available docking bay, dock claimed ships to that ship? Ok, I find I can set a homebase of the claiming ship. Ignore this request.

I feel some of your functions are unnecessary. Ship can just start claiming in the current sector, which can eliminate the first parameter and after claimed all ships, the ship doesn't have to go back, which I think, can somewhat simipify your code.

What's more, the claiming time in your script is kind of random but actually if I go out of my ship and claim by myself, the time is relevant to the distance to the ship. Can you change it?

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