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Post by klaatu » Fri, 23. Feb 07, 02:52

I didn't mean to imply (or for you to infer) that there were bugs; just that if any were found they wouldn't be fixed, or at least the developer would not be the one fixing it.

Good to hear that you may be back if things work out OK. All the best.

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Post by siath70 » Fri, 23. Feb 07, 03:13

Had me a bit worried. :P I know there's a couple things that need addressed. There are also some underlying bugs that will need squashed. But for the most part I took the non-feedback as being positive. :)

Sorry if I sounded out of sorts, Kind of posting half way right now. Thanks for the heads up.


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Post by mpcribeiro » Tue, 8. Jul 08, 23:55

Link to spk no longer active :(

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Post by RRRoamer » Wed, 9. Jul 08, 01:49


I know you are back in the X3 scripting business now. Any chance you can relink this script? I have been using Naffarins Station Trader v1.26 for a LONG time and even added a few new commands to it (my station restock command that will have my station traders go look for a station selling the product at the minimum price if they can't find something to buy or sell and the stations product inventory is less then 50% REALLY brings these guys to life!).

Anyway, I think I would like to try this one out. I missed it when you first released it...

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Post by redfireeagle » Fri, 15. Feb 13, 21:42

if any one has please upload thanks in advance :)

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sat, 16. Feb 13, 14:14

Try sending the author a PM. He's still active in the forums and might be able to reupload the script.
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