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[Script] Automatic Moneytransfer from Player/Station to Station

Posted: Sun, 4. Feb 07, 17:16
by XGamer
This Script adds a new Station Command to transfer Money from an profitable complex or station to another station which needs money to produce or to work (ie Players HQ).

This Script can be run in two modes.

Mode 1: Station to Station money transfer.

Money which is not needed at this Station is going to be transfered to another one.
You choose the Station/Complex which has too much money (ie. is making money) and go to the commandconsole there. Then you select the Automatic Transfer Command. Now you choose the Station which should receive the Money. (ie your HQ or other stations which needs money)
Then you'll be able to set an amount of credits which should always remain at this station. After you pressed Enter the money will be transfered every minute.

Mode 2: Moneytransfer from Playeraccount to station.

The Money on the station will be hold on a specific level.

To run this mode select the Station which should always have a specific amount of money. On this Station go to the commandconsole and select the Automatic Money transfer command there.
Now when you should choose the target station like in mode 1 just select the same station on which you're running this command (the station which should stay at atleast the specific amount of credits)
Now you enter the amount of credits which the station always should have.
After pressing enter the station will be checked every minute and if the Stations money is below the choosed minumum of credits they will be taken from the players account and be transfered to the station.

NOTE: The Station may went below the set up Credits when you're running Mode2, thats coz the quite high timer in this script. But dont worry it will go up again.

Download (RAR)
Download (SPK)

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Posted: Sun, 4. Feb 07, 22:29
by hipperion
Ill try it out today :)

PS: To all you germans out there: PLEASE !!! If you make a mod/script and you post it on the ENGLISH forum please make an spk file with both german and ENGLISH readme ...

Posted: Tue, 6. Feb 07, 00:06
by XGamer
hipperion wrote:Ill try it out today :)

PS: To all you germans out there: PLEASE !!! If you make a mod/script and you post it on the ENGLISH forum please make an spk file with both german and ENGLISH readme ...
Yes Im sorry I tried to implent it into the spk file but I didn't knew how to set it up to select which readme to display. I found Options for different Language Names and used them but havent found such an option for the readmes. But all whats in the Readme is also in the initial Post ^^. The Readme is just explaining the different modes the script can run.

I'll try to find a way and add an EN Readme File too of course.


Posted: Thu, 27. Mar 08, 01:21
by Kainx17
The link's appear to be dead anyone know where I can get a working version or able to mirror it please ? :)

This looks like exactly what I have been looking for if it is no longer supported or something anyone know something that does the same if I am unable to get this one ?

Thank you for any help :)

Posted: Sat, 29. Mar 08, 22:11
by ACrazyGerman
Darn this is just what I wanted too.

Posted: Sun, 30. Mar 08, 09:44
by tantanoid
While the link is dead you could use this script.

Posted: Thu, 17. Apr 08, 03:02
by Psycho0124

SPK version: ... l&df_id=55

RAR version: ... l&df_id=54

The site is in German but the scripts seem to work for the English language setting in-game as well.