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[AL Plugin] Pirate Base Lasertower Defense Booster v1.01 01-08-07

Posted: Mon, 8. Jan 07, 03:07
by Jakesnake5
They were mad. In fact, this was an understatement: They were LIVID!

If one thing could be said for them, it was this: Thie Pirate Station owners had had enough!

Between Xenon, Kha'ak, Bounty Hunters and the random Military Patrols, repair costs to the stations, if they survived the attack, was becoming excessive.

Use of Lasertowers had, up until now, been limited, and, as they noted, of little success. And nobody, until now, ever bought replacements for those that were destroyed. Now, they would up the ante.

The cost would be high, but since each station could control up to 10 Lasertowers, the owners would buy them. It might take awhile to reach full compliment, but they'd do it!

This AL (Artificial Life) Plugin helps Pirate Bases replace, and upgrade, the number of Lasertowers protecting them. 1 LT per hour will be 'bought' and deployed.

The Plugin can be turned on/off in the AL menu. Default state is On.

NOTICE! - New LT's will not start appearing till 1 game hour after install/activation of the plugin. It will also take up to 30 min for the state change messages (Activated/Deactivated) to appear in the log file.

Provided in Cycrow Script Manager format (.spk)

Pirate Base LaserTower Defense Booster

1.01 - Fixed pre-release code that snuck into the files.

Posted: Mon, 8. Jan 07, 04:06
by Klyith
OK, combination of pck compressed scripts and all but main having the source text removed is annoying and not good for reliability.


Code: Select all

021    $interval=1800
022    al engine: set plugin $plugin.ID timer interval to $desc s
I have no idea what happens if you put a string into the interval timer, but it should be $interval there.

As for the other scripts, I can't see them. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be too critical... I grabbed the script because it sounded like a good idea (pirates need a bit more beef, though 1 per hour may be a little fast). But if I can't look at the code before I run it, I get much less enthusiastic.

Posted: Mon, 8. Jan 07, 04:55
by moggy2
sounds like a good idea. Not being able to check the scripts first is anoying, having X3 already loaded in the background was usesfull for once. has 2 arguments: 1: plugin.ID , Var/String , 'plugin ID' ;2: plugin.Event , Var/String , 'plugin event' however, when called from al.j5.pltd.main it's called with just one argument:

Code: Select all

038 @  =[THIS] -> call script '' :  plugin ID=$plugin.Vars
I'm not certain an array will even pass through a string argument, but it's certainly not going to endup in the right variable.

Posted: Mon, 8. Jan 07, 05:01
by apricotslice
Great idea. :)

Can you adapt that for the player ? To be run from stations or complexes ? Be nice if it also did the 125mj upgrade as well automatically.

Posted: Mon, 8. Jan 07, 06:31
by Klyith
apricotslice wrote:Can you adapt that for the player ? To be run from stations or complexes ? Be nice if it also did the 125mj upgrade as well automatically.
2.0 lasertowers get 125mj when deployed.

Posted: Mon, 8. Jan 07, 06:36
by apricotslice
Really ? I must have missed that in the documentation.

About time too ! :)

Posted: Mon, 8. Jan 07, 14:11
by Jakesnake5
Sorry about that, some how the bugged version got loose instead of the release version. 1.01 fixes that

And the missing text was because I used Cool_Snipers External Script Editor to create the plugin. It doesn't save externally readable text, just the codearray. Fixed that too.

And I release scripts in .pck format because they are smaller, take less time to download, but are just as functional.

2.0.02 hardcoded LT's to have 125mj shields, and increased their turning rate, so they track fighters better.

And the base script,, can be adapted, but it currently doesn't do commands atm.

Posted: Mon, 8. Jan 07, 22:17
by LuckyKnight
this one sounds cool.
I always thought it's funny that stations haven't defend weapons. At least they should have some external lasertowers or weapon platforms.

What about lasertowers for other types of stations?
Maybe it could depend on the rates of selling its products.
like a checker/timer: Every time a station has sold its products 5x of total cargo space, generate a lasertower

or even better: Generate a Merchant BUYING a lasertower from a nearby station and deliver it!

Or for the pirate stations / trade stations: Count credits they earn by selling wares. If incoming cash is 5-10x price of a laser tower, buy one.

At least the real buy of a lasertower should be fine.
Lasertowers have no sinkholes like weapons or shields, which you can sell to eq-docks which don't sell them by their own. lasertowers are only sold to trading stations and stay there for some time (if you don't buy them for your own purposes, it will take a lot of time, till they vanish)
This will have a nice sideffect on production output of lasertower fabs ;)

Just some crazy ideas of mine :)

Posted: Fri, 18. Jan 08, 23:16
by thebattler35
Download link seems to be broken, rather than downloading it takes me to a page of code.

Posted: Sat, 19. Jan 08, 05:18
by Jakesnake5
If you're using FireFox, switch to IE Tab (in FireFox) and try again, or right click and 'save as'.

FireFox isn't too bright, and thinks .spk's are web pages.

Posted: Sat, 19. Jan 08, 21:24
by MBD
The "IE Tab" is a Firefox Add-on:

Later, MBD

Posted: Tue, 25. Mar 08, 04:33
by tantanoid
Found a bug: after disabling your script via the Plugin Manager the AL option is still present. :roll:

Posted: Tue, 25. Mar 08, 15:12
by Jakesnake5
Does the AL say if it's on or off?

Posted: Thu, 27. Mar 08, 19:22
by tantanoid
I turned it off before disabling. It says off now. Not sure if the script will work if I turn it on. I tried rebuilding the script cache and waiting some time, the option is still there.

Posted: Fri, 28. Mar 08, 01:19
by Jakesnake5
By disabling, do you mean 'removed the scripts'?

It's possible that because the AL was 'registered' in your game, you'll need an 'un-register' script to remove the AL option. I've never really done that before, but I'm sure I can figure it out.

The option still in the AL list as being 'off' means it won't run, normally. I don't think trying to turn it 'on' will work if the scripts it's based on are missing.

However, I COULD be wrong about that. :D