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[SCRIPT] Yaki Stations V2.21 UPDATE 01/11/07

Posted: Fri, 10. Nov 06, 19:24
by Jakesnake5

A word that strikes fear in even the most weathered spacer.

They roam the space lanes, attacking seemingly at random. Looting cargo, and capturing ships. Ships which they later refit.

The Yaki, however, had a bigger plan. To acquire ships that did not come to them in a damaged state, which was often.

During a daring attack in Split Fire, a large group of Yaki fighters managed to disable an Argon Mammoth. The capture of such a ship was occasion for much rejoycing. They managed to repair its JumpDrive, and returned with it to their home system past Savage spur.

During the frantic period of repairing the JumpDrive, nobody even considered checking if the TL had a load. Imagine their supprise, when they discovered the Mammoth was carring 2 station kits: An Argon Shipyard and an Argon Equipment Dock.

The Yaki, thrilled with this find, set up the 2 stations in their secret sector. And after stealing plans for the ships they used to capture, started constructing them at the ShipYard.

Now, not only were they able to build ships, but repair them as well. This greatly improved their deadlyness.

Not very long after, they managed to acquire other plans, through daring raids. These plans allowed them to build stations at the Shipyard. Primarily the Disruptor Missile fab, and the Hurricane Missile fab. They even managed to capture a rare Xenon cargo ship, which had plans for the fabled Xenon Power Stations in its memory banks.

Those that are able to find the hidden sector, and have not angered the Yaki, will be able to purchase these stations, and their ships.

This script is distributed in Cycrow's Script Manager format. So it won't interfere with any mods.

This mod only works with X3 2.0.

Yaki Stations

2.21 - Added another station to ShipYard
- Pleasure Complex (Slaves)

2.20 - Nailed Multiple station bug. Extra stations will be removed with this update
- Added several 'questional' stations to the Shipyard.
- Bliss Place M&L
- SpaceFuel M&L
- Dream Farm M&L
- Squash Mine Fab
- SpaceFly Farm

2.11 - Attempting to locate multiple station spawn bug

2.10 - Added Hurricane and Disruptor missiles to EQ wares list
- Added Yaki TL (Mobile Pirate Station) to SY
- Added Pirate Ship (TS) to SY
- Updated scripts and added 'Undock' library

2.01 - Minor optimization of code installing equipment.

2.00 - Corrected resource adjustment for Disruptor Fab to include a missing Resource.

Posted: Fri, 10. Nov 06, 23:02
by euclid
Nice one Jake :thumb_up: spares me to script a Disruptor Forge and gives quite a bonus on top.

Cheers Euclid

[SCRIPT] Yaki Stations (11-18-06) Update

Posted: Sat, 18. Nov 06, 08:15
by Jakesnake5
Updated to fix missing Resource for Disruptor Missile fab.

Posted: Sat, 18. Nov 06, 08:31
by alexdefelice
COOL! What do the Xenon power stations do?

Posted: Sat, 18. Nov 06, 09:00
by bob hope
Xenon power stations never needed crystals to make power, its been something people have wanted for ages, i just hope that the stations are the original xenon power station design though lol

Posted: Sat, 18. Nov 06, 09:50
by alexdefelice
Sweet. If they work are you going to set the price accordingly?

Posted: Sat, 18. Nov 06, 15:28
by Jakesnake5
Unfortunately, they do use crystals

And even though its a SPP M, it uses the model for a SPP L. Besides the model, the stats are the same for a SPP M in resource and product.

I can create a script that will remove the crystal requirement, if there is enough interest.

Posted: Sat, 18. Nov 06, 16:54
by bob hope
of course there will be interest lol because no one likes the computer cheating by not really needing crystals, at least xenon ones never made the pretense they did lol

only xenon station i want is a xenon trading dock lolive always like the xenon station shape

Posted: Sat, 18. Nov 06, 18:56
by alexdefelice
Dude that would be awesome. But it would have to cost at least as much as setting up a loop for the same thing. Maybe a little more for the convenience factor.

Posted: Sat, 18. Nov 06, 19:47
by Puruco
Hi Jakesnake5: You said that this script only works with 2.0. Also with 2.02?

Posted: Sat, 18. Nov 06, 20:31
by Jakesnake5
It only works with 2.0.x because of the need for one of the added sectors. Which is why I didn't release it before 2.0 went live. :D

There is a script, Crystal Free SPP by Serial Kicked you can use. (saves me from writing one :D)

Costs 5mil per station to remove the 'crystal' requirement.

Posted: Sun, 19. Nov 06, 01:24
by alexdefelice
Cool I'm using that script now but i changed it to 30mil. I alittle more than the cost of setting up a crystal loop for xl spp. Why do people have drive to 'fight fair' in videogames? I have no idea. :?

[SCRIPT] Yaki Stations V2

Posted: Wed, 22. Nov 06, 23:43
by Jakesnake5
Corrected Disruptor Missile Fab to add missing resource.

Posted: Fri, 24. Nov 06, 10:50
by 999-JAY-999
Does this work seamlessly with YAKI ARMADA by Serial Kicked ?

Posted: Fri, 24. Nov 06, 12:53
by Jakesnake5
Should, all it is is a few script, and no command/ware slot requirements.