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Post by jamesp81 » Tue, 31. May 11, 03:36

I'm having an issue. I have built a silicon mine in Ore Belt and I need to have a freighter running between the SPPs in Ore Belt to buy energy cells for the mine. I followed these instructions from the OP, or tried to at any rate:
The waypoint list is maintained by using the ship command "Add/remove intermediate stops". After the start of this command six further inputs must be made. The first input specifies the type of command. An input of "0" adds the new entry to the back of the waypoint list. A positive number input inserts the new entry before the indicated position. If a negative number is input, then the appropriate entry is changed. Next, a station is input as a waypoint. The 3rd input is the factory type. The 4th is which ware to trade. The 5th is the transfer price per unit. The last input is the quantity to transfer. A positive number causes the pilot to load or buy and a negative number to unload or sell.
I started out selecting Slot 1 under Additional Ship Commands, and selected the command labeled "Commodity logist. Add/remove interm. stops"

I entered zero on the first input (add a waypoint to the back of the list). Second, a station is input as a waypoint. I chose one of the NPC owned SPPs in ore belt. This is where everything went off the rails. The third input IS NOT a prompt to select a "factory type". The third input asks me to pick yet another station. So I tried to wing it from here, and chose my silicon mine for the second station. Next is which ware to trade, I picked energy cells. Next is to select the price of the ware. I'm assuming this is a maximum or minimum price based on whether or not the pilot is buying or selling. I entered 16. Next the box says to enter the "Transfervolume". Seeing how I'm using a Mercury, 2000 units is a good haul. Entered 2000. I got a rather angry sounding, short tone after entering that number, and Slot 1 under the Additional Commands section for my ship still has "None" listed as its contents.

Clearly, the instructions for this software are either incorrect or out of date, and I was wondering if someone could point me to updated documentation?

Could this be an artifact of not having a certain mod installed? I do have the EMP mod installed which, after hours of fruitless searching of the forums, I learned was required in order for my freighters to utilize the Local Trader option of the Trade Command Software Mk3. Not too fine a point on it, but it would've saved me about 4 and a half hours total of fruitless google searching if this fact had been documented in the Local Trader script's readme file. So before I go off on another wild goose chase, I thought I'd through that question out there: is there a mod I need for this to work correctly?


When it asked for a station twice, I simply picked the same station. I don't know if that's technically how it's supposed to work, but my freighter is doing what I wanted it too: it's making a continous run of the three SPPs in Ore Belt, buying at the price specified, and dropping the entire load at my silicon mine. So good enough.


Now the damn pilot just sits still with the command "CLS Standby". I'm about to fire this idiot and do it all myself.

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Post by TomRobinson » Tue, 31. May 11, 20:05

that is how you are supposed to select the stations, it will standby from time to time just let it get on with it, doing it all yourself is a massive pain and although it would be more efficient that will get the job done and let you get on with something more interesting.

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Post by jlehtone » Wed, 1. Jun 11, 00:11

jamesp81 wrote:I got a rather angry sounding, short tone after entering that number, and Slot 1 under the Additional Commands section for my ship still has "None" listed as its contents.
The command merely adds a waypoint and therefore completes immediately. If it would continue running, it would be interrupted by you, when you add next waypoint.

The inputs are: waypoint number, station, ware, price, and amount.
To choose a station one has to choose a sector and then a station (or ship) from it.
To choose a ware one has to choose a sector, a station from it, and then the ware from that station.

Why CLS2? You are buying ECells to a Mine. Why not use CAG?

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Post by swiftlight » Tue, 14. Jun 11, 21:03

Seems to be an old bug that had a hotfix.. but I can't find the hotfix. I really hope someone can post a link or share it.. someone must have it in this huge community :)

It's the loading / unloaded in CLS2 bug.. it unloads everything on the first station.

I tell it:
Load 1000 ECells from Station 1
Unload 500 ECells to Station 2
Unload 500 ECells to Station 3

Problem is it unoads 1000 Ecells to Station 2.

I see the hotfix is "http://www.lucike.info/x3_reunion/work/ ... hotfix.zip" which is a dead link.

Well.. please :) I would really be happy if someone can provide a link or share.



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Post by swiftlight » Tue, 14. Jun 11, 22:17

Ok maybe I'm going crazy from to much X3R :)

I think I already have the 3501 hotfix.

I have downloaded and installed "X3 Bonus Pack v3.1.07" Which says it does have "Commodity Logistics Software MK2 v3.5.01". So I should be set, but I'm not. As mentioned above.. it's uloading everything on the first station.

Any thoughts what I might be doing wrong?

I tried a -100500 .. heh CLS Standby =/

For now the only way I have is to go:
Load 500 at Station 1
Unload 500 at Station 2
Load 500 at Station 1
Unload 500 at Station 3

Bleh way around it.. but best I can get until I find out what the problem is.

Any feedback would be great,


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Post by LowkeeDragon33 » Wed, 15. Jun 11, 01:01

Why not:

Load 1000 Station A
Unload 1000 Station B
Load 500 Station B
Unload 500 Station C

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Post by swiftlight » Wed, 15. Jun 11, 08:29

Because if Station A only had 700 ECells, as in it didnt have enough in stock.

Load 1000 Station A (only gets 700)
Unload 500 Station B (actually unloads 700)
Load 500 Station B (now Station B is only left with 200)

Even worse is if station A only had 400 ECells

Load 1000 Station A (only gets 400)
Unload 500 Station B (actually gets 400)
Load 500 Station B (now Station B has -100 ECells)

Which would mean I am just shifting ECells around. The last station in the run would get stocked well, but at the expense of the pre stations losing stock.

There must be a correct way to to this. Either I am doing something wrong, but right now I really don't know what.. spent 5 hours last night trying.. or the version I have with the bonus pack is not really 3501 which included the hotfix.

Other people have posted in this thread the same problem but then they got it working after simply applying the hotfix.

I'm really stuck on this.. :?



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Post by jlehtone » Wed, 15. Jun 11, 16:29

swiftlight wrote:I think I already have the 3501 hotfix.

I have downloaded and installed "X3 Bonus Pack v3.1.07"
That Bonuspack was published October 2007. I did found Lucike's post about hotfix from this thread and it is dated January 2008. I'd say you lack the hotfix.

I'll peek around for that package.

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Post by swiftlight » Wed, 15. Jun 11, 16:34

I downloaded and installed the German version, English is 3501 German is 3605.

Problem fixed!

For anyone else who might get stuck in the future:

CLS MK2 is called Warenlogistiksoftware MK2 in German.

You will need the following two files. Unrar them into the given folders, overwrite the files. Make a backup of your folders before you do, if you want to be on the safe side.

http://www.lucike.info/x3_reunion/scrip ... _V3605.zip

http://www.lucike.info/x3_reunion/scrip ... hek_X3.zip

If you can understand a bit of German, the new version has a few more commands. Detailed in the documentation:

http://www.lucike.info/x3_reunion/descr ... ftware.pdf

All the above can be found here:



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Post by 5tr4n63r » Thu, 12. Jul 12, 01:56

Can anyone please tell me how to "move intermediate stop { X} to position { Y}"? I know that in the bonus pack, says { 2} { X} { Y} is for "The pilot moves the intermediate stop X to position Y." BTW i know that X and Y are for numbers and my CLS2 is version 3501. I done this but it seems is not working. I've checked with {0} { 0} { 0} couple of times. I'm thinking is another mistake like this one
"Input - { 5} { X} { Y}
The pilot copies his waypointlist to Company server or reads it from there. (X = 0 to 9, List storage slot; Y = 0, Get list from server; Y = 1, Save list to server)
but it turned out to be { 6} { X} { Y} and if it is a mistake,is there a new *.pdf file or site that describes what i just said.
Forgive because i know is an old thread and Thanks in advance.:)
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 12. Jul 12, 10:18

If you don't bother about the *modified* tag, then update the CLS to its latest (unsigned) version (3700). A download link ("Warenlogistiksoftware_X3_V3700.zip") can be found in Lucike's archive here. This fixes some of the problems of the older version.
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Post by Dahkteromar » Mon, 26. Aug 13, 16:35

I would like to tell you why I don't use this Software :P

First of all I try to create balance between production and consumption or at least sell faster than produce. In this way I can fully utilize my stations capacity. This requires proper calculus. I have to pay attention to every variable. Enough ships to buy resources and sell products. They must have appropriate cargo space and decent speed. Etc...

And what I can't do with this software is to count with the flight times. I can send them on their way and make up numbers to load and unload commodity and hope the wares will be enough. But I can't match the production and the selling properly because I don't know how much time the trade routes are going to take. They may transport too few or too much ware. So I have to plan their transportation way under the production and consumption level or they will fill up their cargo or they will have nothing to transfer after a given time.

Of course I could observe them and record their flight time but I would have to do so with every ship running this command and adjust them every time I make a change or start a new ship with CLS2. Not to say if their route is disturbed by pirates (or other ships in their way) then the whole plan falls apart.

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