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[SCRIPT] Ship Repair Facility by XaiCorp.

Posted: Tue, 2. May 06, 03:07
by moggy2
Script: Ship Repair Facility station plugin
Version: X3-1.0

The Ship Repair Facility, is a station upgrade that can be added to Trading Stations and Equipment Docks. It can be purchased through the Xai Corporation station software brochure.

To install the Ship Repair Facility at a Dock, use the Install Station Software command to recieve the software brochure for that stations. You should recieve the brochure as an incomming message from where you can by the facility. Note that the station must have enough funds for the purchase to be succesfull.

The Repair Facility
Once the facility has been installed, you can activate it by running the ''Repair Facility'' command. This command will stay active, repairing docked ships or producing Teladianium paneling when there's nothing to repair.

The repair facility uses Teladianium Panelling to repair the hulls of docked ships. Each panel can repair upto 100 hull points. While the facility is not repairing ships it will manufacture it's own Teladianium panels from ''Teladianium'', ''Ore'', and ''Silicon''.

To repair a ship at the facility simply dock the ship at the station.

Posted: Tue, 2. May 06, 14:14
by fud
Very cool.

Posted: Tue, 2. May 06, 14:23
by bladeuk

Very useful, thnx alot moggy2! :D :D

Posted: Tue, 2. May 06, 14:43
by fud
Hmm, with this, and Blacky's warehouse deal, it almost sounds like a player HQ is forming....

Posted: Tue, 2. May 06, 17:15
by B-O'F
Hi moggy2,

Thought that I would give this a try, as it looks rather handy, but found a problem....

The .spk version does not contain the 'setup.Xai.SRF.xml' file - downloaded the .zip version, and copied this file across. Now SRF appears on the brochure. Haven't actually tried it yet - thought I would let you know of the error, before too many people download it.

It works well, had to go and find a few 'damaged' ships - took a bit of persuading to get the old pilots out....

Chews through the resources...

Boron - Ol Fh'art

Posted: Tue, 2. May 06, 21:43
by moggy2
:roll: Still haven`t got a spk right first time. Thanks for that.

re resources. I was suprised how much it needed. If someone want's to check my maths.
408 hull points(41%) on a disco would cost me 23,042cr to repair.
it currently takes 15 teladianium, 10 ore, 5 silicon and 10 energy cells to repair 100 hull points.

teladianium @ 156 (avg)
Ore @ 79 (min)
Silicon @ 229 (min)
Energy @ 12 (min)

that's 4395cr per Teladianium panel, and it takes 5 to repair 408hp that's 4395 * 5 = 21975cr to fix up the disco.

so it has the potential to be cheaper, but could also cost a lot more than a shipyard.

Posted: Wed, 3. May 06, 11:18
by Red Spot
Moggy2 ..

I'm taking it you use the average or max price of ware to decide how expencive a ship is ..
now have a look at the Argon M1 and M2 and compare their average and max price ..
(note that the average price is higher than the max price ... :!: )

Just mentioning this cause I'd advise you to build a 'price-check' into your script ..(else you might end up with ships that are going to be very cheap or very expensive to repair)


Posted: Wed, 3. May 06, 14:08
by B-O'F
Hi moggy2 and Red Spot,

Just ran a check on ship prices - average, min, and max - apart from those listed below, all seem correct.

Ships in error are:-

Code: Select all

Average		Minimum		Maximum		Name
88033416 	 108974734	67092098	Colossus
89208344	  109855930	68560758	Titan
89208344	  109855930	68560758	Phoenix
Looks like Egosoft mixed up the values....

More useless information from,

Boron - Ol Fh'art

Posted: Tue, 25. Jul 06, 15:43
by Tenlar Scarflame
ahoy moggy, every time I've brought up the brochure It's given me a Readtext where the ad (and the select option) for the Repair Facility is supposed to be. I've tried both the .spk and .zip versions to no avail. :(

I'm also running the Commands Suite and it works great. (well, I think it does. Where are these commands supposed to show up?)

Posted: Mon, 14. Aug 06, 21:33
by DeadlyDa
Tried this on a fresh install. I had upgraded to the most current version available over on the Xai site. I got the same result as reported by Tenlar Scarflame.

Strange, I had it working on an earlier game.

Posted: Mon, 21. Aug 06, 22:18
by ttl
I have the same issue as the two previous posters. I do hope there is a way to make this work. Looks to me like there is just a wrong version of the text -file in the spk -bundle?

Posted: Tue, 22. Aug 06, 02:56
by moggy2
version 1.1 should now work properly. If you have the spk you can use the script manager to update the script.

Posted: Tue, 22. Aug 06, 08:42
by Everyones Antihero
If you have this facility, will damaged ships come to you automatically for repairs if theyve been in fights or is it pot luck when they turn up.

Posted: Tue, 22. Aug 06, 13:25
by DeadlyDa
moggy2: Thanks...V1.1 has indeed fixed the problem.

Everyones Antihero: SRF fixes ships once they get to the station. How they get there is up to the "pilot"...either the player or the controlling script (AI/NPC). At this point, I am not aware of any scripts that run on ships that will automatically re-direct a damaged ship to a station running SRF.

Posted: Tue, 22. Aug 06, 14:47
by Everyones Antihero
With all due respect thats a bit pointless then, i dont want to spend time hearding idiot AI pilots into my station for far less credits than i probably get if i just nuke their asses.