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Posted: Wed, 8. Apr 09, 01:06
by pelador
Apricot, could your guide include an specific paragraph on version control to help people with awareness for on-going support implications for community released developments, seems to be a knowledge gap:

And whilst you address the issues effected it seems it just needs pointing out when in relation to version control.

Posted: Wed, 8. Apr 09, 01:55
by apricotslice
Ok, will ponder that.

Is it just the specific thing about when a ship gets added by egosoft, the script that accesses the modded ship needs to be changed because the ship in that slot changed ?

Or is there another implication I missed and should document ?

Posted: Wed, 8. Apr 09, 02:30
by pelador
Well i suppose if its a change to cat files.

Example: TwareT got updated with V2.0 so needed EMP entries appending to standard. So I dont think its limited to TShip. Though scripts will be uneffected by TwareT changes where the id's are the same.

Dont know enough about Tships and some others yet to give a comprehensive sysnopsis. But principle likley will be if you have custom work in a cat file that differs from standard and got changed due to standard version control you will have to accomodate your custom changes/additions into it.

Posted: Wed, 8. Apr 09, 02:41
by apricotslice
So it really needs some notes on what happens when a new patch comes out, what to look for and what will likely need changing.

Posted: Wed, 8. Apr 09, 02:42
by pelador
Please, Ideally an overview.

Unless of course you want to go into detail, but I'd consider you'd be repeating the mod guidance already within it to some extent.

Might be worth pointing out within that if the unlikley event the field defintions in mod files change or additional ones arise then further editing, but I dont want to confuse anyone with hypothetical changes?