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Posted: Sat, 26. Apr 08, 13:52
by apricotslice
The 2 M6 ships are available as xsp's. You will need Cycrows ship installer to use them.

The M6 commands is a separate script.

Access via my HQ from the link in my signature.

If you install my XTM mod, you can buy both M6's at Argon shipyards. The Extension commands are available immediately. You can ignore the other ships if you want, and the other commands.

If you want to select scripts, the readme has a list of whats included. Unzip into a temp directory, copy the mod over, then copy only the scripts you want.

Posted: Tue, 23. Sep 08, 14:04
by apricotslice
Before anyone asks about Terren Conflict and will the Gunbus Mod be compatible with it, ........

I've just seen the specs for Terren Conflict, and its very unlikely my existing computer will run it. Barely enough memory, and I doubt I have enough disc space left for it. And the processor is probably going to be very borderline. Since I use a Notebook, upgrading is very unlikely.

Consequently, the short answer to the Gunbus mod being upgraded to Terren conflict is..... No, not in the short to middle term.

Sorry about that. :cry:

Posted: Tue, 2. Dec 08, 12:39
by apricotslice
I've discovered that X3TC will run on my computer (albiet badly), so I will be working to redo this mod for TC after all. :D

So stay tuned ! :lol:

Posted: Fri, 1. May 09, 00:58
by dralk
quick question is the for X3R of X3TC the link takes me to a tc download?

Posted: Fri, 1. May 09, 10:35
by apricotslice
The links for X3R are well down the page. Bypass the TC info and look for the original R mod links.