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[LIB] mEngine 1.0

Posted: Fri, 10. Mar 06, 04:23
by PrizzZ
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1. Info
  • Nom: mEngine
    Version: 1.1b
    Scripter: PrizzZ
    xml used: xx7777.xml
    t id used: 7777

    Download :

2. Functions
  • This lib is used to emule a menu thanks to the "send incoming question" command.
    THIS IS NOT A SCRIPT, it's just a tool for scripter to use less command slot and
    improve their scripts by asking the player wanted datas like a sector, a ship type, etc ...
    without waiting for the player to enter the datas by the slot command.

3. Use

  • All you have to do is to install mEngine on your game folders and call lib.mEngine.askfor.
    This script needs 1 argument : an array which contains what you want to be asked to the user
    thanks to the following object you can put in that array. The answers will be return by the script
    in an array, in the same order as the question comes.

    Here are the following inputs for the array :
    • Custom : you can input an array of string. The menu will display the string in order
      and return the number of the wanted string.

      Code: Select all

      $wanted =  array alloc: size=0
      $custom =  array alloc: size=0
      append "test1" to array $custom
      append "test2" to array $custom
      append "test3" to array $custom
      append $custom to array $wanted
      $wanted = [THIS] -> call script 'lib.mEngine.askfor' :  Wanted=$wanted 

      if you select test2, the script will return an array of one element which
      will be 1. Don't be affraid, this is the MOST COMPLICATED exemple !
    • Numbers : you can input a number of the following list, it will return the choosen element
      of that list. The possibilities are actually :
      • 0. Sectors
        1. A number !
        2. Player Owned ( ships and stations )
        3. Player ships
        4. Player station
        5. Ship type
        6. Ware type
        7. Object in sector
        8. Fighter type
        9. Big Ship type
        10. Player ship excluding satellites, mines and drones.
        11. Player owned bases : Carriers and stations

      In fact many more can be easily scripted, excepted string entries and few other exceptions.

      Code: Select all

      $wanted =  array alloc: size=0
      append 7 to array $wanted
      append 1 to array $wanted
      $wanted = [THIS] -> call script 'lib.mEngine.askfor' :  Wanted=$wanted
      this will ask to the player first a sector, then an object in that sector, and then a
      number, and put the array of answers in $wanted. Easy, no ?
    This lib support multiple demands at the same time.
    Note: If the user cancel the selection, lib.mEngine.askfor will return null.

4. Version
  • 1.1b : 07.08.2007

    New features :
    • Add the 11th menu type
    1.1 : 31.07.2007

    New features :
    • Add the 10th menu type
    • Add the "Cancel" function
    • Add filters for un-used elements and ReadText
    1.0 : first release ( 10.03.2006 )

    Fell free to add comments, propose improvements and ask for more inputs !

Posted: Fri, 3. Aug 07, 13:29
by PrizzZ
  • 31.07.2007 : 1.1 release
    New features :
    • Add the 10th menu type
    • Add the "Cancel" function
    • Add filters for un-used elements and ReadText
    See above for download and details.

Posted: Sat, 18. Aug 07, 19:14
by Kilrathi Avenger
Apologies for the daft question but is this compatible with XTM MOD :?:

Thank You

Posted: Sat, 18. Aug 07, 19:24
by PrizzZ
As this is a library, it itself use no command, just the xx7777.xml. But if your installing a script using this library, check with the scripter if it script is compatible. If it is, this should work.

As i'm posting here, I add this small update (already the lib your downloading since few weeks ...)
  • 11.08.2007 : 1.1b release
    New features :
    • Add the 11th menu type
    See above for download and details.

Posted: Sat, 18. Aug 07, 19:25
by Kilrathi Avenger
Thanks for the quick reply.

Posted: Thu, 23. Aug 07, 12:35
by Esraven
I need to install your engine for the PiloteAI script (

I have no scripting experience. I always use cycrows package installer to install the scripts

You say I need to install the files in your zipfile to the local game folders.
It is not clear to me which folder or folders you mean.

Suppose I installed X3 to c:\program\x3
Do I unzip your zip file to this folder?
Or are you meaning some subfolder within c:\program\x3. If so which one?


Posted: Thu, 23. Aug 07, 12:42
by PrizzZ
The procedure is :
Extract the lib where you want to.
In the folder where you extract it, there will be two directories :
  • scripts, which contains files that you will copy in your c:\program\x3\scripts folder
  • t, which contains files that you will copy in your c:\program\x3\t folder
Think I'll better make a Cycrow Package .... :gruebel:

Posted: Wed, 19. Sep 07, 03:22
by DeadZone
Download doesnt appear to be working at the moment

Posted: Wed, 19. Sep 07, 08:04
by PrizzZ
Working on this morning.

Posted: Mon, 15. Oct 07, 23:14
by Esraven
Thanks for your reply


Posted: Tue, 11. Dec 07, 22:39
by Omnicron Lyrae
Download still isn't working.

Posted: Tue, 11. Dec 07, 22:50
by PrizzZ
Sorry, should be working now.

Posted: Wed, 12. Dec 07, 00:42
by Lancefighter
I like the use of ES's forum pictures (the lines) in your post :D
/me totally does not understand the usefulness of it, as he is not a scripter though...

Just wanted to comlpiment your use of the pictures :D

(btw, you can also steal the download button off the download section, like LV does... ) :wink:

Posted: Wed, 23. Jan 08, 06:41
by MJALowe
would it be possible to get this converted to run with the MD incoming question handler? so it doesn't generate log entries? (its not a quick fix it seems cause the MD question handler uses strings and numbers ok, but doesn't pass vars very well)

Posted: Thu, 24. Jan 08, 07:47
by MJALowe
well....since I have a need for a working version of this that uses the MD Incoming question handler I've started making one that will work

so far the selectable list has:

Code: Select all

station owned by player
ship owned by player
ship or station
ship or station owned by player

object in sector (station ship asteroid)
i still have left to add

Code: Select all

homebase owned by player
station or carrier to dock at
ware in sector
station type
station serial
ship type
object class
ware transport class
station and resource
station and product
station and ware
ship and ware
ware of ship
jumpdrive gate
sector position
im not going to be doing

Code: Select all

flight retcode
script datatype
some of them i need coding suggestions for on how to get them
some of them i may decide not to do