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Posted: Thu, 24. Jan 08, 09:35
by MJALowe
would this create an array of all flyingwares of the standard ware types in sector?

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* need to pass sector to get from
if $sector == null
$sector = [PLAYERSHIP] -> get sector
append "blank entry" to array $dataarray
append "blank entry" to array $textarray

$found = [FALSE] 

$flyingwarearray = find flying ware: sector= $sector maintype= null subtype= null flags= [Find.Multiple] refobj= null maxdist= null maxnum= 2147483647 , refpos= null
$ntype = 8
while $ntype < 17
$total = get number of subtypes of maintype $ntype
$nship = 0
while $nship < $total
$obj = get ware from maintype $ntype and subtype $nship
$worked = [THIS] -> call script "a.a.a.a.iftsos.anoyingcommands" : whatamidoing="index", BPid=$obj, array=$flyingwarearray, offset=0,
if $worked != -1
$obj = $flyingwarearray [ $worked ]
append $obj to array $dataarray
remove element from array $flyingwarearray at index $worked
$txt = sprintf: pageid= 8117 textid= 310 , $obj , null , null , null , null
$txt2 = sprintf: pageid= 8117 textid= 310 , $worked , null , null , null , null
$txt = $txt + ":  " + $txt2
append $txt to array $textarray
$found = [TRUE]
if $found == [TRUE] 
$found = [FALSE] 
$found = [FALSE] 
inc $nship =
inc $ntype =

append "" to array $dataarray
append "" to array $textarray


Posted: Thu, 24. Jan 08, 14:48
by PrizzZ
Sorry, I was away from my computer for several days.
But as I do not have a look at the MD, I would be interested in knowing how you send message to player without having a log on the player logbook.

Posted: Fri, 25. Jan 08, 02:22
by MJALowe
its all thanks to the Mission Director, there is a script that uses it to send an incoming question, the down side is it can only return strings or numbers (MD limitation)

what i am doing is i already have a script that takes an array and makes each entry in the array into a selection box...that script then call the MD incoming question script gets the answer and passes it back to the first script

so what i have is a few scripts

one generates an array of data and its text equivalent and passes the text to the next one

the next one takes the text and generates a button list and passes that to the MD incoming question script

the MD incoming question script gets the answer and returns it too the second one

which then interprets the info...(if its back or next do that, else pass info back to first script)

info is passed back to the first script and first script converts the text answer back to a data answer useing the "return index of $value in $textarray starting at offset = 0" command

resulting in $answer1 = $textofbuttonpressed
and $answer2 = $datathatisequaltothebuttonpressed

combine them into an array with size 2 and pass that to whatever script called the first script

not simple, but i only have to make one script myself (the one that creates the data and text arrays) - cause i already have the others

Posted: Sat, 17. May 08, 01:39
by wolfmanjack321
its been a while sense the last post here but....

Your still not clear on where to install this file.

you need to state .. It goes into file X Y Z

IE scripts , Main directory , etc.

"The procedure is :
Extract the lib where you want to.
In the folder where you extract it, there will be two directories :

* scripts, which contains files that you will copy in your c:\program\x3\scripts folder
* t, which contains files that you will copy in your c:\program\x3\t folder"

1. So i can extract it to my Desktop eh?
2. are you saying to put it in the Scripts folder AND the T folder? Or the DL comes with these files you need to move over? Because i just DL this and all it came with was a XML file.


Posted: Sat, 17. May 08, 03:49
by PrizzZ
This script is installed as any other script : script file in the script folder of the game install, text files in the t folder. In fact I don't really understand what is your point ...

Posted: Sat, 17. May 08, 04:31
by wolfmanjack321
Frankly i am a little bit peeved here....... I DL this a hour or so ago and all i got in the zip file was a .XML document.

Now i try DL it again and i get all the files i am supposed to. WTF

Obveusly if you DL something expecting a script and all you got was 1 .xml file you would be confused as i am.

Have a sneaking suspicion i DL something else thinking this was that or that was this lol .......................

Posted: Wed, 18. Jun 08, 18:09
by dukedroklar
First i would like to thank you for your efforts as community members like you have made X3 a vastly superior game to the one originally released... which was excelent to begin with. It truly boggles the mind how much this community has freely contributed to expanding this game which is my all time favorite.

Now, i do sympathize with what wolfman is saying. Although i have played X3 quite a bit i have always shyed away from anything that wasn't an spk because i wasnt and still am not quite sure how to manually install some of these "non-spk" scripts. I'm always afraid i will do it wrong and screw it up and maybe not even know the game is screwed for some time into the game when it's too late.

This time around I am giving the XTD mod a whirl which really has me excited and the script "Pilot AI" requires this tool to be installed.

So, just for clarification for my noobness:
Copy all the T folder files into the existing X3/T folder overwriting any duplicates and do the same for the scripts folder... right?

Also, I don't understand what this line means "and call lib.mEngine.askfor.". Ummm, is that something i need to do with "Thereshallbewings" from within the game ???