[SCRIPT] Passenger Slaves V1.00 : Update 08/03/2006

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Post by LordArconius » Sat, 14. Apr 07, 19:38

Please help I do not find the command. Where is it hiding?

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Post by Cycrow » Sat, 14. Apr 07, 22:22

its in the piracy command console

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Post by Criminal_Colt » Sat, 28. Apr 07, 03:41

Is this a free "upgrade"? If not could I suggest a small price for it due to "modifications" to your ship?

Also maybe you could tie this in with the taxi script whereby it's only possible to use this script/device on basic passenger accommodation? Also maybe set a max number of passengers you can enslave at a time? By that I mean that if you had 100 passengers you couldn't enslave any of them until you got 10 of them "on their own".

Just some ideas to toy with.

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Post by Bunny » Sat, 28. Apr 07, 15:51

moggy2 wrote:you do know who you have to impress?

@Cycrow: Nice script :thumb_up:

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[Help] Passanger to slaves

Post by ShadowSlayer56 » Sat, 11. Aug 07, 09:23

i downloaded this but i don't know how to use it and i can find a key to make it so i can turn them into slaves

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Post by -Dusty- » Sat, 11. Aug 07, 13:23

You should always ask questions to a script/mod in the corresponding forum topic ;)

The command for this script can be found in the "Piracy" Menu of your ship.

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Smugglers guild questions

Post by ShadowSlayer56 » Sun, 12. Aug 07, 11:17

i downloaded this cool sounding mod but i have idea how to join or anything

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Post by Unserene » Sun, 12. Aug 07, 12:10

It's a TURRET, not a "turrent". Learn to spell.

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