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Posted: Thu, 18. Oct 07, 11:47
by TycHouse
Ok thanks for the info.
If the SE is enabled there should be no reason why you cannot get the info as per the <page-down> four times. Even without my script running that info should still be available.
I have to admit i tested yesterday using a vanilla v1.4 with only SE enabled and Friendly Pirates loaded. Can anyone else confirm any problems running this with XTM ?


Posted: Thu, 18. Oct 07, 12:06
by zazie
TycHouse wrote:If the SE is enabled
Now we get closer to it :)
I have NOT enabled the SE ! As I have written in my first post I installed the 4.01 with Cycrow's Plugin Installer 2.12 therefore no need to activate the SE. As far as I know running the 4.01-EXE does also not activate the SE either.
The 4.01.-readme doesn't give the info you MUST activate the SE and how to check notoriety.

After re-reading the readme (sorry :roll:) I must say that the fix for the enemy lasertowers does not work properly in my game.

Posted: Thu, 18. Oct 07, 20:56
by TycHouse
zazie wrote:...I must say that the fix for the enemy lasertowers does not work properly in my game.
Thanks for the feedback, i will look into that problem.

Posted: Thu, 8. Nov 07, 12:44
by zazie
back here with another question. Sorry to be an absolute noob on scripting issues.

I have restarted XTM a couple of weeks ago mainly because I wanted to activate the "Terran"-options only when my Argon-rank is high enough /that should boost the initial Terran-notoriety). In this game I installed "Friendly Pirates" too (see above).

In the mean time I am "Protector of the Federation" and I thought it's time to activate the Terran sectors.
But my Terran rep still shows the inital value of -3420 (or the like) even after flying around, exploring all Terran sectors, saving and reloading. It does not change at all (and I went back to my save before activation)

My question: Could it be that the "Friendly Pirates" script collides with XTM ? Using the same "slots" (or whatever) ?

Posted: Thu, 8. Nov 07, 23:43
by TycHouse
No, Friendly Pirates does not use any resources so no danger of it conflicting with other scripts.
It does use the "get ship array for race pirates" command and therefore can only modify notoriety for those ships.


Posted: Wed, 30. Jul 08, 03:22
by Tritous
I beg to differ. I can confirm a definate incompatibility between this and XTM.

The result is a large number of ships with perfectly high notoriety marking you as enemy (which is hell if you have any LTs or anything with turrets) and the pirates are very much still hostile

I proved it was this script by freshly installing X3 and XTM. The error only occurs when this script is added and it occurs when only this script is is added

Posted: Thu, 31. Jul 08, 13:55
by TycHouse
Okay... well i'll take your word for it. As i have never tried XTM i cannot confirm or deny any conflict. I do however know how my script works and it is a very simple script, there may be some 'hooks' in XTM which use same/similar routines but i struggle to think what those could be. On initial installation this script initialises relations with the pirate ships, perhaps XTM overrides this initialisation or... vice versa ?

I have currently stopped playing/scripting for X3 so perhaps someone with more time would like to look into the problem ?

Posted: Thu, 31. Jul 08, 15:07
by Tritous
I have no idea what the cause is, only the symptoms.