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Posted: Sun, 2. Apr 06, 21:02
by Yellowman
Well i removed the script files and deleted just as u said and now it is fixed tnx for the help. :)

Posted: Mon, 15. May 06, 22:43
by narn
Hay Tychouse your script no longer works with ver 1.4 of the game. :cry: I was quite disappointed by this fact, please update. The problem seems to be when I start up in the X universe non-storyline mode, when I do so I all frigate ships and weapons dealers are hostile towards me. Not only that but when I approached a pirate base its laser towers shot me into a pile of garbage. I have no other mods running and this problem persists, please help. If you do update though could you do one thing to change your script or make an alternate script that does the following:

Sets player relations with the pirates to –500, or if need be -1000

The player thus needs to then earn the pirates trust by being a smuggler for a while, or the player can still be an enemy with the pirates if desired. This would add more realism to the game because the pirates should not just trust you outright and players then would not have the opportunity to be able to sneak up on pirates if they just want to kill them.

Posted: Tue, 16. May 06, 02:52
by TycHouse
hmmm very strange, i've not encountered any problems with v1.4 :?
Will give it a thorough test as soon as i can.

I like the rep idea :P starting at -1000 would probs be a lot better.

thanks for the feedback

Posted: Tue, 16. May 06, 06:20
by narn
Thank you for your expedient reply. I will give you more data to aid you in your repairs. I am running version 1.4.02 with no other mods, I had previously run a mod called Heavy assault tech, but its prier existence is not what is causing the issue. To guarantee this statement I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it to be sure. Using a pure version of the game with no prier mod installations I can safely say the problem persisted. When I decided to use the custom game option with your mod I got attacked again by the pirate laser towers in Atraiousis clouds, and a roving band of pirates in the Balla Joy sector.

I’m glad you like the idea for the alternate –1000 start and I cant wait to see it implemented. :)

Posted: Tue, 16. May 06, 12:04
by Dread
I have had a Friendly's showing as Enemies on new Non-plot games, and have found it is this script.
I have brought this up in error in another thread, see the following ... 4&start=90

Posted: Tue, 16. May 06, 16:50
by TycHouse
hmmm well i can't seem to reproduce the problem :x

I'm now running 1.4.02 (was 1.4.1 beta), here's what i've tried:

Start new game choosing 'Aspiring Explorer'
Immediately change pilot name to 'Thereshallbewings'
Check SE is enabled
Dock at nearest factory (medium shield CBSW)
Game autosaves
Quit game
Load game choosing the autosave just created
Check 'Friendly Pirates' is running (global tasks)
Fly to Pirate base Ore Belt, no red ships in sight
Laser towers are all blue
Fly to Bala Gi's Joy - appart from Khaak all ships are blue
Fly to Pirate base Atreus Clouds
Laser towers are all blue

Start new game choosing 'Bankrupt Assassin'
Immediately change pilot name to 'Thereshallbewings'
Check SE is enabled
Dock at nearest factory (HEPT Aladna Hill)
Game autosaves
Quit game
Load game choosing the autosave just created
Check 'Friendly Pirates' is running (global tasks)
Fly to Pirate base Brennans Triumph, all red ships are either Paranid or Boron
Laser towers are all blue
Fly to Pirate base Atreus Clouds, all red ships are either Paranid or Boron
Laser towers are all blue
Boron customs attacks me in force !

A couple of points to note:

- If you comm a 'red' ship you will only be given the "Sorry weapons missfired" option IF you fired on the ship (i've checked this)

- As a Bankrupt Assassin, the Paranid & Boron will hate you from the start and therefore be shown as red even if your settings are 'friend' !

- Friendly Pirates DOES NOT change the status of a Pirate ship if there is a player ship within 15km of it, so hanging around a pirate base (or if you're unlucky and one spawns as you are approaching/leaving) will mean you will see 'red' pirates (don't put a nav-sat withing 15km of a pirate base !).

If you are doing something different could you please list your choices for me to re-create


Posted: Tue, 16. May 06, 18:25
by Jakesnake5
One note, if you have Pirates set to Friend, all stations and their Laser Towers (except Anarchy and its) will show up blue unless you do 1 of 2 things:

1) shoot a pirate in the same sector as the base that spawned it
2) shoot the base or its laser towers.

Just good to know info that.

Posted: Wed, 17. May 06, 05:57
by narn
Well I tried the alternate starts and found that your script worked perfectly on all of them however this is not ware the problem is. I generally don’t play the custom starts because I generally like to decide who is going to be my enemy. I also don’t like playing as any of them because either I don’t want to be called Julian, or I don’t like the idea of looking like any of those freaks (with the exception of the Ka,ak). Honestly who wants to play as a 50-year-old pervert whose name is “Scum Bag” or whatever?

If you want to see the problem with your script go down past the Ka,ak invader to “custom game” and click on “custom game”. When the “custom game” is pressed the screen for “custom game” is up, then click on “x universe”. When the “x universe” game is loaded that is ware you will see aggressive: pirates, laser towers, and mercantile weapons dealers.

Posted: Wed, 17. May 06, 06:10
by narn
Oh and Jakesnake5 I found there is one other way to get everyone of the same race specifically the pirates mad at you. It’s a real nasty almost bug occurrence, when you press the little red attack symbol on your navigation shortcut command even if you don’t fire a shot all of that specific race will become hostile to you. It’s happened to me a couple of times making me have to restart my game. :evil: :evil:

Posted: Wed, 17. May 06, 09:40
by narn
Ok I would like to rescind my previous statement about your script working perfectly with the various alt game starts. I decided to play as a goner ranger, I went to red light and sold my shield to speed up my ship and get a duplex scanner. When I went into argon prime a bunch of ships were aggressive to me so I looked to find out who it was. Surprise, it’s a argon high tech transport, and many other transports of various races were also hostile.

Getting annoyed I decided to try a start that I had tried earlier to see if still worked. I stared as Scum Bag the old pervert of the state. The pirates were off my back, good, and I was a little perplexed but then I noticed that a boron high tech transport was friendly to me, HUH? I thought that all the borons hated me wtf!! Obviously you need to check this out.

Posted: Wed, 17. May 06, 14:19
by TycHouse
I really would like to get to the botton of this, believe me !

Unfortunately, i don't have any choices for Goner Ranger etc ! I tried the Custom Game choosing 'x-universe' with no problems.

Here's my choice list:

Are you running something else (registry hack perhaps) ?

I really need more info to persure this.

Posted: Wed, 17. May 06, 18:24
by narn
No, I don’t hack my games unless they annoy me. Maybe our versions of the game are different I am using the North American version of the game, and your location suggests to me that your version may be slightly different. This could be the cause of the issues, also if you want the alternate starts go to this link:

I’m presuming you have winblows being as good old Bill has permeated most of the world markets and unlawfully crushed competition. This is a registry key so if you don’t have winblows it wont do anything for you.

An alternate problem may be is that you might have some other mods running thus affecting your results.

Posted: Wed, 17. May 06, 18:28
by narn
Oh and I dint use this registry key fix with my game originally when I tried your script. Only when I noticed the problems I used it, so this is also not the issue. So the problem persists with or without this registry key.

Posted: Wed, 17. May 06, 19:46
by TycHouse
Well then i have no idea !

the registry key tool you mention is what i was referring to as a 'hack' but if you say the problem exists even without using this then i am at a loss to know where to start.

As a scripter i certainly don't run anything other than the script i'm testing. Ie installed from dvd then patched to current.

Without the ability to reproduce the problem i'm affraid there's nothing more i can do :(

The only thing i can suggest is check that Friendly Pirates is running as a Global Task when this happens to you, it may be that if you're using alternate start points, the script editor is not enabled by default.

Sorry, i'm trying here :?

Posted: Sun, 16. Jul 06, 15:00
by TycHouse
A number of people have suggested that this script causes some random 'odd' behavior - perhaps related to a recent patch.

I have been unable to reproduce this and having checked the script thoroughly can see no way that it could cause this.

I would be grateful if anyone experiencing problems which they think are attributable to ths script would please post as much info as you can so i can properly investigate.