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[SCRIPT] Station/Complex Seller V1.00 (15/01/2006)

Posted: Sun, 15. Jan 06, 22:19
by PabloRSA
Name : Station/Complex Seller

Version : 1.00
Released : 15/01/2006
Author : PabloRSA
Description : Sell player owned stations for half the orginal price.

Station/Complex Seller v1.00 Zip Download
Station/Complex Seller v1.00 SPK Download (Cycrow installer needed Download here )


How It Works (Detailed Description):

Each station has it's own menu under the orders button. A new menu will appear called Sell Station, once this menu has been selected you will be shown a universe map. From this map you choose the station that you wish to sell. The station or complex will be destoryed and all ware that is inside the station will have been automticly sold for the avarage price. Aswell as ware being sold any money the station has will transfer to player account. You will only recieve half of the orginal cost when you sell any station.


Next Steps / Currently Working On:

- Added more support. (This will be done after Station/Complex Relocator script has been finished)


Command slots:

Text file:
447391.xml / 497391.xml


Version History:

1.00 -
offical release.

Posted: Sun, 15. Jan 06, 22:23
by PabloRSA
Just to say now there is one slight bug. I cant figure out what this is and wont be fixed unless i do it by accident.

When a station is destroyed, there is a short few minutes where you can not move.

To resolve this select anything with the sector where you are and press i this will then break the bug and put the game into normal play.

Posted: Mon, 16. Jan 06, 00:58
by Baleur
Finally!! Thanks :D

Posted: Mon, 16. Jan 06, 06:50
by Shanjaq
Instead of destroying the station could you transfer ownership, or destroy yours and create an identical one in its place owned by the race that also owns the sector(if none or pirates, choose a random race?)

Posted: Mon, 16. Jan 06, 07:06
by Kakurate
An option to sell to the highest bidder:
-Sector race or a race that has a high presence in the area.
-Wealthy trader

Posted: Mon, 16. Jan 06, 16:08
by PabloRSA
The option to sell the station at the highest bidder does not seem the way this script should go.

Do you really want argon to own a SPP in paranid prime? or a pirate crystal fab in kingdoms end.
I can edit this into the script as an additional option.

I can do 2 options.
Option 1
What i could do is ask the player for an option 1, 2 or 3.

1, Sells station and destorys it for 1/2 the price
2, Sell to owner of that sector for 3/4 the price (Due to no explosives)
3, Sells on an auction. Race bids are random number generator and the highest buys it.

Option 2 (I believe this would be best)
No option for player to input. However it works automaticly.
1, If race has more than 2 of the station in that sector it will be sold and destroyed.
2, If race has less than 2 then it will sell to race of the sector.

Its good to note that hub complexes if sold will be destroyed no matter what. I leave it up to players to choose what option is best via poll if i can add one to the thread.

Posted: Wed, 18. Jan 06, 17:11
by Baleur
I'm just getting a "readtext blabla" in the commands, and it doesnt do anything.
I'm using quite a few scripts, but nothing that should affect this?

Posted: Wed, 18. Jan 06, 17:42
by PabloRSA
Dont know about the "readtext blah blah", I had this once but it went away. Ill looking into the script and see if theres soemthing wrong.

Ok i am just guessing here.
Are you docked at the station? or are there any ships docked there?

I had read about buged ships when the AI destorys a station so what i did was put a fail safe in there so it wont sell the station untill all ships have been undocked. This will loop itself untill that time.

Other than that there should be nothing wrong with the script unless you have found a loop hole.

Undock ships and if that dont work tell me what you are trying to sell who owns the station, has the station got any material inside who you brought the station from etc.... A detailed report so i could investigate this.

Posted: Wed, 18. Jan 06, 23:01
by klaatu
Enlighten me: why would I want to sell a station? :?

Posted: Thu, 19. Jan 06, 02:12
by PabloRSA
1, You brought the wrong station.
2, It is not cost effective anymore due to kahhak invasion.

I dont know... People requested to sell stations and i have the script knowledge to makes peoples wishes come true.

If people request something that i believe that would enhance the game and its something i believe that should be there then i will probly script it.
Who knows many things happen and some dont.

So to enlighten you, use this script or dont, it is totaly upto your playing style. If you believe u should be able to sell stations aswell as buy them then download it. I just provide this script because people wanted this as an option.

Posted: Thu, 19. Jan 06, 02:50
by Baleur
It works, but it still just says readtext etc etc in the command menu...
Its prolly a compatability thing, using alot of scripts.

Posted: Thu, 19. Jan 06, 03:01
by klaatu
OK, ok, PabloRSA, don't get in a tizzy. I just asked a question, as I didn't know why someone would want to do such a thing. Hey, if it floats your boat to write it, who am I to say different. I was just curious, is all.

Posted: Thu, 19. Jan 06, 18:30
by PabloRSA
Im currently in the middle or re-writing the station/complex relocator script however once that is finished ill re-write code for seller script with the options that are on the poll above.

Im about 3/4 the way throguht the script so i should be finished with the other one by then end of the week.

I just hope by then more people would have voted on the poll, even if they dont use the script. This would give a more idea of what would be best with this script.

Posted: Fri, 20. Jan 06, 20:45
by A dJ
*Editted into Oblivion*

Posted: Wed, 22. Mar 06, 00:57
by Fus
I'm trying to track down some "readtext" menus .. one is 2010-453, the other 2010-454.

Could it be this script ?

( works well by the way but I would like to see a "sell Station" menu :wink: )