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Post by BROOKAKA » Mon, 10. Dec 07, 22:12

I think you have to get to the second highest rank with a race to unlock the bonus start for that race, but don't quote me on that: it's definitely the case for the Argon and Boron, but having said that I'm second highest with the Teladi as well and that one hasn't opened up yet. Maybe you have to earn a certain amount of money for the Teladi one. Speculation though!

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Post by Geezaa » Mon, 16. Jun 08, 17:22

This is what im after.

How ya unlock all the starts legitmatly.

Most interesting post. Got the general jist of it , but just wondered it was listed in full.
Not yet , but might not be long.
Am also workin on the idea that highest race likeness might unlock most of them.

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Post by stormchilde1975 » Thu, 24. Jul 08, 00:43

I have this theory that the start positions are unlocked after you fly certain races' ships for many hours. Can anyone support or refute this?

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Post by ziggyzona » Thu, 18. Jun 09, 07:17

Link is broken.

Anyone still have the file?

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Post by Mahijiru » Thu, 18. Jun 09, 11:10

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how to unlock custom starts

Post by xthreereuion » Sat, 11. Jul 09, 23:01

hi there, i finished the X3 yesterday and heard about the custom start positions but the one in the custom start topic does not work anymore, can someone please repost a working version? thanks!

also I tried manually editing but could not find out how to get to the path that has the hex edit numbers, any help will be appreciated!

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Post by Another Aussie » Mon, 7. Jun 10, 04:17

ok reading through the first and last page of this i dont know if this was anserd or not but hear are some of the ways to unlock some starts

hated by boron and argon will unlock the enamy of the states

the argon start is trigerd by (the way i did it) simply fininshing the game and rasing the argon friendlyness to %100

the talardy start is cash acumilation and rank with the talidy

i dont know the rest sorry if some one wants to fill the rest in go for it
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Post by Astarix » Wed, 30. Jun 10, 02:19

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Trouble with unlocking new game starts

Post by Mazryonh » Wed, 14. Jul 10, 19:29

I recently reinstalled X3: The Reunion 2.5 via the combination pack with X3: Terran Conflict, and I'm trying to get the unique starts without cheating, but I'm having more trouble than I expected.

During my last installation I was able to get both the Anonymous Argon and Savage Split starts by completing the Normal campaign start. This time, however, I can't get either of those despite being an Argon Federation Guardian and Split Family Protector.

Am I forced to play through the campaign to get the Anonymous Argon start? I'm not a fan of how it was written and voiced, frankly. And if you have to kill lots of Boron or Split to get the Savage Split and Boring Boron starts respectively, do the Split/Boron ships you kill during assassination missions count too? Or is it Split and Boron pilots that matter?

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Post by Googly » Sat, 25. Sep 10, 12:15

I completed the Campaign, but I still do not have the anonymous Argon start.

Could it be something to do with running X3R on Windows 7?

I just did a vanilla install, patched up to 2.5 with the bonus pack - no other mods or scripts.

I am pretty sure the game recognised that I had completed the campaign, as I have two bonus scenario simulation missions.

I didn't' get into trading much - since I started under normal. And finished the campaign with under $500k and a single mercury running some manual trades - I could not afford the pilot Mk3 software.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sat, 25. Sep 10, 15:54

Googly wrote:Could it be something to do with running X3R on Windows 7?
Googly wrote:I am pretty sure the game recognised that I had completed the campaign, as I have two bonus scenario simulation missions.
The bonus simulation missions are avaible after you completed the first simulation mission.

But as you already posted in the bonus start unlocker topic, why don't you just use it?
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Post by Smart_Bomb » Sun, 21. Nov 10, 03:31

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