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Posted: Mon, 2. Jan 06, 20:20
by Cycrow
ergie wrote:doesn't work for me either. Using 1.3 patch (no piracy option)
is the hotkey available in the controls menu ?

Posted: Tue, 3. Jan 06, 10:20
by ergie
nope, but I think my game is seriously wrecked, will try with a fresh re-install after work. Dont worry, and keep up the good work. This will be a must scrpt for me :)

Posted: Tue, 3. Jan 06, 21:03
by dwb1
Hiya Hiya!

This script is great :D I will recomend it to everyone, and if you use it with the Assaasions Guild script and think about what is happening you might have the same problem I have :lol: Too many Captured undamaged ships and nowhere to store them (50 + so far) they are scattered all over the universe in gropes of 2 or 3, in X-2 you could put as many ships as you wanted in a station but in X-3 there are only 5 docking ports in each station so where to keep them all? The problems just go on and on. :lol: :lol:

These scripts are outstanding, Keep up the good work Cycrow!


Posted: Wed, 4. Jan 06, 19:05
by CCC_Maverick
cant get it to work, after reinstalling the complete game, i used the complete Script Archive, with strange results :( , i have loaded a save, docked at a Piratstation, take the SOS MKII and started. looking for an Pirat :twisted:. Pirat found, starting to shoot at, THEN, a very loud Ping and the Game is freezed. im using Headphones, that was very loud;) .cannot quit or switch to desktop, only RESET has helped.
2 choices for me: 1. my save is coruppt, 2: the Scripts dosnt work for me.
Im testing it later with an new Game, when i have enough money to buy the Software.



Posted: Thu, 5. Jan 06, 21:09
by dwb1

SOS Mk11 does not work on just any ship, you still must fight the Pirates, you only use the SOS after the pilot ejects and of corse the ship is damaged and mostly empty. The emprovement is the SOS is it's Legal and you do not take a space walk. :)
In the post above I hint at captureing Undamaged ships on missions with the Assasens Guild and I don't want to spoil the fun of discovery. And I am afraid Cycrow will change the script, then I will need a real job to stay alive in the X-3 universe. :twisted:
When I try to use the SOS on active ships nothing happens but when used on a captureable ship, don't forget to target the ship you want, I get a Ping (Loud) and if the ship is out of range the auto-pilot engages and my ship flies into range and the cap is done :D
I also suggest you select a "Hot Key", I used the \ and it makes life easer and faster when you are beeing shot at. Of corse the trick is to get your Caped ship out of the sector without beeing shot up or destroyed.

I hope this helps a little: OK OK, I hope this helps a lot:


Posted: Fri, 6. Jan 06, 07:38
by DarthVain
Tried downloading it but the link is not working :(

Posted: Fri, 6. Jan 06, 17:42
by dwb1

Yep the links are broken.

If you move to the bottom of the first post and click on "My screpts collection", you will find the whole shooten match there in one download.


Ops, thoes links are also broken.

Posted: Fri, 6. Jan 06, 21:42
by Cycrow
not sure what would be causing the freeze, the SOS MK2 doesn't actually have any loops as far as i can rememaber, so it should never be able to cause a freeze

the links will be back up eventually, i've been away working and my bros beens messing about with the dns server, and its currently broken

Posted: Sun, 8. Jan 06, 09:07
by apricotslice
This is well worth the money to save hasseling around.

I linked it to a joystick key, so target, autopilot, claim. That easy.

No problems of any sort detected so far.

Posted: Sun, 8. Jan 06, 10:43
by alexdefelice
I love your script man. I gotta confess tho, I modified it a bit for my game. I don't have as many hours as I'd like to play X3, and getting anywhere in the game takes time. So i changed the script to let me claim any ship as long as i can drop their shields to 5% or less. It's very much cheating, but it saves me a whole lot of time. :o

Posted: Sun, 8. Jan 06, 14:08
by apricotslice
Hey that sounds great. Get their shields down and then auto-eject :)

Posted: Sun, 8. Jan 06, 17:18
by 999-JAY-999

TECSG - The Salvage Network script now comes with an additional product available at all good equipment docks, and, no doubt, some bad ones too. The 'Salvage Claim Software Mk. 1' will transmit a control virus from your ship to a targetted derelict ship, and, if the ship is within 100m, the virus will take over the ships systems and bring it under your control.
I am getting confused between this and yours... I have TECSG Salvage Network script and within that there is a SCS Mk1 software... does this work in the same fashion as yours ???

Posted: Sun, 8. Jan 06, 17:26
by Cycrow
i dont know, i've not used the one in the salvage network

Posted: Mon, 9. Jan 06, 02:04
by apricotslice
The mk 1 script is part of the origninal game, but is illegal to carry everywhere except pirate and unknown sectors.

The mk2 is a 'legal' version. Or should we say, scan hidden version :)

Update 1.01

Posted: Mon, 9. Jan 06, 16:02
by Cycrow
Slight update to fix the expliot of claiming other ships

the ships now have to be not moving to be able to claim