[SCRIPT] Salvage Claim Software V1.05 : Updated 29/06/06

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Post by immortalfrieza » Sun, 24. Jan 16, 15:47

X2-Illuminatus wrote:You need to set the Plugin Manager to *modified* mode so that it copies all mod and script files from its temporary directory to the game folder and so that it sets the game to *modified*, which means that all not not signed files are loaded. In the new PM you can do so by selecting Settings -> Mode -> Modified. I can only assume that it's similar in the old one, in case you're using that.
I looked at the old version which is the one I'm using, and there's no modified modes or modes of any sort.

I also might have installed the EMP already long ago and forgotten which files it is.

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Post by immortalfrieza » Sun, 24. Jan 16, 16:54

Okay. I uninstalled the game, deleted all of X3 Reunion from Steam and started completely from scratch. Then I reinstalled the game and just installed the Salvage claim software by itself using the latest plugin manager turned on modified mode, restarted the game from the beginning, and headed to the nearest Teladi equipment dock. Still no Salvage Claim Software.

EDIT: Now that I look at it, it says my version of X3 Reunion is 2.5. Is Salvage Claim Software 1.05 compatible with it? All I know for sure is that a few years ago I played X3 Reunion with this very mod, Bail Signal Extension, and Roguey's mod all at once without having an issue. Since I'm using the Steam version I can't downgrade the game in order to test this theory myself otherwise I would.

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Post by Buck_Rogers » Thu, 18. Feb 16, 08:57

Erm......Silly question maybe. But, did you activate the script editor?
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Post by immortalfrieza » Sat, 22. Oct 16, 22:00

Well, I finally got around to messing with this again, and I've finally found what the problem is. Apparently it's a compatibility issue with Roguey's mod, because I can only get SCS to show up when I'm using the vanilla game but not when I've got Roguey's mod active. It's weird, because I know at one point I was able to have Roguey's mod and this one active at the same time, I was using SCS to cap M6 ships from it at one point.

EDIT: Apparently it was actually the Xtended mod I was using when I got it to work way back, not Roguey's mod. I feel stupid.

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