[MOD] Updated: 1/7/06 "M6 upgrade mod(/w cockpits/restored models)"

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Post by Sandalpocalypse » Tue, 26. Sep 06, 11:05

That's ironic. I just returned to these forums for the first time since January and someone bumps this thread.

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Post by Ezuku » Sun, 18. Mar 07, 08:13

Kinda a dumb question, I know this is a crazily big bump, but is there a version of this that works for v2 somewhere (search feature doesn't seem to work for me)? It's just that this is EXACTLY what I was looking for (a mod that only affects the really incredebly underpowered but ever so cool M6 class) and I would really like to get it working.

If not, are there any other M6 rebalancing mods out there?


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